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KC0YQF First NA Female Goat!

Congratulations to Lynn, KC0YQF, who today qualified as the first North American female SOTA Goat! Great job Lynn!


Congratulations Lynn!

Great job.

73, Colin

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Yes, congratulations Lynn. Very lite copy today (Sat.) on 40 so cud not QSO you but will many times in the future I am certain. 73/88 Tom NQ7R Casa Grande, AZ

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After so many activations she has no doubt carried out, I’ve only chased Lynn once and it was my birthday 2014.
Congratulations for the achievement.
At my current pace, it will take me ages to get there…
Look forward to chasing you again soon.
73 & 88,


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Lynn, Congrats from MaryKay and me!

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Congratulations Lynn !!! Bands weren’t the greatest today. Couldn’t even work Frank. So happy for you to make mountain goat. If anyone deserves it , it’s (EWE). Hi 73 & 88 de Scotty


Bravo, Lynn! …Ewe da MG Wooman! Woohoo! ~ says Peanut :goat:


Congratulations Lynn on Mountain Goat.
Been reading the blogs from time to time so the next one should be interesting with lots of happy snaps.
Ian vk5cz …

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Congratulations Lynn!!! I was honored to be onsite at your MG activation today with you and Frank (K0JQZ). It was fun watching you activate Chief Mtn and making a S2S with our local Alpha MG George (KX0R). I couldn’t believe George (Carey) actually did a summit today with phone capabilities!! ;-). I’m sure you will continue to activate SOTA peaks after achieving this milestone.

BTW, you and Frank are the first North American MG couple as well!!

73, Brad


Congratulations Lynn, we’ve only worked once, but I’m sure we will have more S2S down the road.
Malcolm VE2DDZ

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Congratulations Lynn on being NA’s first Mountain Goat.

Jimmy EA8/M0HGY

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BIG Congrats, Lynn!
And you did it where the 4-pointers would be 10-pointers in many other places!
All best, Ken, K6HPX, and Kay, KE7BGM.

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Congratulations Lynn - that represents a lot of journey time to reach this destination! 73 Rick WB0USI

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Congratulations Lynn !!! I am only sorry that I could not hear you today on 20M with the combo of poor band condx and the contest QRM. I really admire/appreciate your rapid fire repeat method of giving signal reports to chasers. I believe that it is the best weak signal SSB technique I have ever heard.

73 Rich N4EX


Band conditions were terrible. We really struggled to get the required QSOs. After Lynn worked all her callers WA6MM popped up on the summit and helped set the antenna up a bit better. I think that helped but still difficult making QSOs. After Lynn got done I did a little 30 meter CW and while running a pretty good pileup the band just dropped out. It sounded like the antenna was suddenly disconnected.

Last night Lynn started to get sick but nothing was going to keep her off the summit. Lucky for us Chief Mtn is pretty easy. Lynn had a slow and steady pace and we stopped often for fluids and food. After a long drive home Lynn is resting in bad and I need to get her points in to make it official. Thanks chasers. More to follow.

Frank, K0JQZ

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Congratulations Lynn on making Mountain Goat, and the first female to do so in North America SOTA. Sorry I couldn’t work you again today but 40 and 20 meters from Colorado just wasn’t working today. Look forward to working you and Frank again on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA

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Congratulations Lynn. Get well soon so you can celebrate your accomplishment.

Charlie Y. - K0LAF

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Congratulations Lynn ! Thist achievement represents many many Sota’s.
I was away from home today and uppon arrival i just missed your activation by a few minutes.

I have you in my log already 11 times and i’m sure many more to come in the future.

73’s and 88’s :relaxed:

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Thanks for your incredible activation from Chief Mountain at 3569 M in early March!

I saw your alert just before I left my house this morning. I grabbed my microphone and wondered if my new KX2 would work on SSB - I had never even tried it, except on CW, nor had I read that part of the manual!

Then in the middle of my own activation with N0TA of Bald Mountain W0C/PR-114, while I was looking directly at snowy Chief Mountain, I tuned around the high end of 20M, and suddenly heard your voice, loud and clear from only 6 miles away - perfect line of sight!

You had just made your fourth contact, for MG! I just called “Summit to Summit”, and instantly you came back, and we did a quick S2S contact. It was your first contact of your next 1000 activator points, and it was my very first SSB contact as an activator on any summit!

You really sounded great up there!

As I logged our contact, I looked down at my homebrew tuner, and saw that I had left it in “Tune” mode by mistake - meaning that I was only transmitting about 1.5 watts!

Congratulations and wish you the best! You’re in a good herd of Mountain Goats here in Colorado!

73 & 88,

George Carey Fuller

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Congratulations Lynn…welcome to the herd.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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