John, WE4AUB Reaches Mountain Goat 🐐

Congratulations John, WE4AUB on attaining Mountain Goat! He’s been hitting the hills hard over the last few weeks and reached his 1000th point on W4G/NG-004 Blood Mountain.

It was great to meet you at the W4 Fall 2023 Campout! Keep it up, and welcome to the herd!

Michael, N4DCW :goat:


Congratulations, John! Quite an achievement! Thanks also for the QSOs–

Vy 73 de Jonathan β€œJB”

Congratulations John on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations! Glad to make contact with you on your Mountain Goat Summit! 73 AC1Z

Congratulations John! Welcome to the MG herd!

Andy, N4LAG

Congrats, John!

Congratulations John!

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse

Thanks all and to the many chases from my regulars. Best parts of SOTA are the challenge and community. HNY to everyone and look forward to more summits for MG x2.

73 de WE4AUB

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Congratulations John, and thanks for many activations, especially in the last month or so! Great achievement!

Randy, ND0C

congrats John, I am glad I cud help.
Jack, KB7HH