Japan Activations

Currently sitting in seat 38J, I am on the way to Japan and will be incorporating the odd activation into my schedule as time and itinerary permit.

Please watch for alerts and spots and work me if possible. HF and V/UHF both likely, CW and SSB/FM



38J, nice seat number…

Welcome to Japan. I will watch for your alert and hope to see you on the air again.
We worked twice, one from Shikoku and the other from Hokkaido in 2017.


Hello Andrew,
I wisch you a nice stay to Japan and a lot of QSO’s on JA SOTA’s. I hope you will not be unlucky as me when I was there in 2016 and returning in France without summit validated.
Laurent F8CZI


1 month early, it is end of this month, that Ham Fair to be carried out.


Come to Okinawa for cooler weather. Yes, it’s often cooler here than in Tokyo in the summer.

Indeed, poor timing on my part! Still around on August 9 in Tokyo for a SOTA gathering, though?

First alert for tomorrow as JI1GBE/4 on Misen JA/HS-160

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Hi Toru,

See you at the 2019 Hamfair! Three of us are coming from Australia, VK3MB, VK3GK and VK3YY.

Glenn VK3YY.


Hi Glenn

Good wait for you!
See you then.


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Safe activation!


Didn’t go my way in the end. Too hot, too many people trying to grab bits of the antenna, and tides making the ferry leave earlier than normal. Nothing on VHF or UHF, nor on 20m.

Hi Andrew,

I had the same experience at Misen. No contacts! lots of people on the summit, so only a small antenna. Wife was getting bored. Was a nice trip though.
Glenn VK3YY.

Hi Andrew,

No 20 m WSPR signals from JA (or anywhere within 1,000 km of JA) here during your activation so did not expect to hear you. Not good if people grab your antenna.


Next alert posted, JA5/KA-015 which I have done before. May change to -013 for the unique. Looking for VHF/UHF for the Mountain Explorer (VHF) gold level. Will also do HF to ensure I qualify (famous last words)

Hi Andrew,

I found your SOTA alert. I think there are many SOTA chasers who wish to work with you in my local area (JA3 area).

I will give you tips for VHF/UHF operating in Japan.

Japanese Bandplans

Calling CQ on “Calling Frequency”,
then QSY to the other frequency within WB Phone bands
The frequency step is 20kHz.

Example of our QSO style
433.000 Calling CQ with announce “will calling cq again on 433.140”
then QSY
433.140 QSO and Calling CQ on the frequency again and again

We have Field Day Contest by JARL right now. So the bands may be crowded near the calling frequency. Please find available frequency by watch for a while.

Please enjoy SOTA on VHF/UHF bands and your stay in Japan.
See you on the air.


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Good luck Andrew, activations in summer in Japan are very tough with the heat and humidity, but I have never had anybody grab my antenna during an activation :smile: That’s a new one. I have had a fisherman trip over my guying wires before but that was not during a SOTA activation and in France.


Well that was much better. Qualified on UHF, including 2 S2S, eyeball QSO with JA5OBF on the summit inadvertently, and 20 and 40 CW contacts, including ZL1TM!
Went qrt when CW decoding ability vanished. Apologies for those on 40 I struggled with.

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Not a beep on SSB but glad we managed it on CW. Thanks for the QSO Andrew.

Andrei, de ZL1TM

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for contacting yesterday.
I was operating from Mt.HigashiAkaishiyama(JA5/EH-002).
Hope to see you again.

Seiji Harada

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