Japan Activations


Thank you also for the S2S, my first contact with another JA5 summit. I hope we will work again soon. Possible activation planned for Wednesday.


Next alert posted for tomorrow - JA/SI-006. Time approximate, bands will depend on time (and mood).

Another good summit, qualified on UHF in Japanese, with a bunch of 15m CW contacts. Questionable whether my Japanese is worse than my CW, but got there. Had to leave a few callers behind as the mother was getting restless.


Hi Andrew,
How long are you going to stay in JA? I will have a week of summer holiday from today and planning to activate some summits in Nagano and Niigata. Hope to see you on air.


Hi Toru,
I leave on the 14th. May get a SOTA pass on Saturday

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no worry mate, in SOTA Japan ML, the
news distributed your Japanese is better than me
while am drunk.

Toru jh0cjh

Haha I’ll take that! :joy:

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Probable activation tomorrow, Tsukubasan JA/IB-003. Time and bands as per mood of the waiting mother. Plans may change in the morning.

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I will activate at Tateshinasan JA/NN-031 tomorrow.

Toru jh0cjh

Got to tsukubasan a bit late missing ropeway schedules by minutes. Ended up with 4 on 6m, and had to give up. Nil on 2m or 70cm, but heard your chasers

I would be interested in your notes on access to Tsukubasan as we plan to head there on the Tuesday after the Hamfest. Looks straightforward.

Access is straightforward, but there’s not a lot of room up there. I’ll drop an email