JA SOTA DAY (Part 1)

I was able to receive some weak signals from JA activators on CW on 20m and 17m. Nothing heard on other bands or modes. Didn’t manage to make a S2S into JA - but my log did include a ZL, so that in itself was satisfying.

Hope this becomes a regular event.


Quick summary of JA SOTA Day
JA station SOTA Watch Spots : 448
Spotted summits : 57
Spotted callsign : 56
There are non-spotted operations then the numbers are more.

My results
Total QSO : 152
Total S2S QSO numbers : 35
Pointed S2S QSO numbers : 34
Total S2S points : 135

It was really fun and the results are best record for me in terms of QSO numbers and S2S numbers.

Thanks all.



Hi Tom,
I listened for you while you worked ZL1BQD but heard nothing of you here in vk2. I was hearing EA and DL stations well. Worked EA2BD and heard EA4R and EA2LU. Some odd propagation happening there.
I also heard some W callers but didn’t see a spot or cq for them so no chance to chase them.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Hello everyone.
This time the weather was bad, snowing on and off, but many stations participated and it was a fun time.
Let’s do it again!


My intention was to do 2 activations. The first one very early in the morning looking for chances with NA-OC-AS. And the second one during the evening for EU.
The first activation started at 2100 UTC (Local 0600) and a lot of fun thanks to S2S with DX and locals. During this time I also was chased by France and Germany with TERRIFIC signals!
When the battery was about to run out I decided to finish the activation and return to the car and charge the battery for the next one. Well… I had forgotten the charger🤬
Despite of this, it was a successful event!
Thanks a lot to all the chasers and activators!
Takeo, JP3PPL


Thanks for bearing with my crumble CW skill!

But I do have a question about the logging:


Greetings, thank for all the JA hams for the great photos and your activation reports. Looks like you all had a fun and enjoyable sota day.

Geoff vk3sq

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Simple, just upload the log with all the QSOs and after that upload only the S2S QSOs in the ¨Submit Chaser/S2S Entry¨ despite if you was chased or if you chased.

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It makes no sense at all to make the S2S option only to Chaser.

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Hello SOTA friends,

I joined the event from Ooyasan JA/HG-052. Occasional light rain made me
think about stopping the operation several times.

My rigs were FT991 and FT817, the antenna was inverted V with 7 meters high.

When I ran out of the battery for FT991, I switched the rig to FT817 at 5W and calling
CQ. @EA2BD EA2/NV-092, Erreniega called me. It was my first S2S with Europe
and it was my dream. Thank you Ignacio for your perseverance and repeated calls. Gracias!
There were also S2S with VK1 and BV stations, calls from many EU stations, and many
QSOs with JA stations. I enjoyed the event very much. I would like to participate again.



I’d like to thank again to those who bear with my CW. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease six years ago, as of now I have lost my hand writing, I can not write recognizable letters consistently, and using keyer is out of the question.
So for me, my inefficient CW operation consists:

  1. Use my phone or laptop to log what I heard.

  2. Type the message I want to send to another computer attached to the rig, and the computer will key it for me.

That’s also part of the reason my main SOTA operation mode is FT8.

Thanks again!


It is historical. In the first 10 years (approx) of sota, there was only a table for activators and another for chasers. The idea of S2S was not identified and implemented until 2013. So at that time, the decision had to be taken, whether to record an s2s contact from the activator viewpoint or chaser. Is it an activator being chased by someone on another summit or record it as a chaser on a summit, working an activator on another. It’s both. For reasons I don’t know the details of, it was decided to add a “S2S?” data field to the chaser log capture screen. Later the V2 upload file format was devised, catering for all kinds of contacts and that file format is acceptable as a chaser log or an activator log.

However, now, that doesn’t really matter at all. For 99% of my logs, all I do is upload a V2 format CSV file or an ADIF containing all my chaser and activator logs in the period covered by the log, and the upload process sorts it out and creates records in the appropriate tables. ie. we still have separate tables, but the upload process is simplified if you use file uploads, either CSV or ADIF.

You are doing a fine job making contacts and logging them, if you have Parkinson’s disease. keep up the good work.

Andrew vk1da


At a rough guess, about 90% of people use the CSV upload facility, which does not have this distinction, so this rarely comes up now as question. For an event such as these parties, you really should be using the CSV format (or ADIF) as it’s much much quicker to enter the data.

As Andrew VK1DA mentioned, this is historical. I have a few ideas about how to update this screen to make it more obvious, but bear with us.


Thank you, I have made up my mind to be a Mountain Goat before I lost my mobility to PD.
In 2021 the COVID-19 restriction set me back huge, now I am full throttling!


Hi Willis,

You did just great. Thank you very much for CW contact.

Regards & 73!
Andrei, de ZL1TM

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Thanks for the S2S. Nice signals here!

Thanks for all the contacts. I worked 6 JA S2S, 14 JA stations in total. My rig was a KX2 running 10 watts to a 17 & 15m band 1/4 wave vertical. The weather in VK1 was perfect and it was a fun afternoon of radio. After leaving the summit, I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. :smiley: 73, Chris VK1CT


19-20.03.22 Vladimir (RX9WT) and Marat (RA9WJV) activated R9U/SO-153. Unfortunately, all QSO attempts with activators from JA were unsuccessful. There was a contest on 40 and 20m. It was difficult because of QRM. On the morning of March 20, strong auroral phenomena were heard at 40m.


Hello SOTA friends,

I went to activate JA/OY-032 and JA/OY-007.
Both summit were covered with snow, and it was occasionally snowing.
Thanks for a lot of S2S.

When is the next event?

Seiji JG4LCS


Hi Vlad! Have you copied any JA activator? I knew about the Russian contest but I did not copy any station calling test. It would be a good chance to do a S2S with Russia.
73 de JP3PPL