It was a bit cold this weekend in the Lakes

Had a great weekend in the Lake District in some pretty extreme weather.

Looked up after ten mins looking down operating on the summit of Scafell Pike but couldn’t see much!



Hi Andrew

Thanks for the contact on Saturday. I thought we were were experiencing bad wx but obviously yours was a little worse :grinning:. Well done on the activations.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Aye its grim up north.

I looked up from the fire that weekend and thought eh, by gum its grim outside :hushed:. Even the sun came out… :grinning:

Saves a lot of money on eyebrow waxing :expressionless:

Had to laugh Andrew, never seen a photo like that! The things we do for SOTA… It’s good that you don’t have a “hipster beard” and no balaclava!

I have a well trimmed beard, only in winter. I have a grade 4 electric trim each week, and I do my eyebrows to the same length at the same time - highly recommended!

73 Phil

Well done Andrew,Glad to catch you on Sunday, I was following you on APRS which seemed to be tracking o/k until there was a sudden straight line jump to the summit. On my latest visit to Scafell Pike the weather was somewhat warmer.:sunglasses:

Girl on platfrom noted Derek…

Ha, is that what was under all the white stuff :slight_smile:

If you hover your mouse cursor over the dots on the map it will show you who was repeating my packets and from what direction. Once we headed up the Lingmell valley we were in radio shadow of the repeaters so I lost contact until we got to the top.
Thanks for the contact, 73s

She clearly has better things than amateur radio to focus her gaze on :wink:

It’s the only persuasive case study that extolls the virtue of tattooed eyebrows.

It reminds me of a time when my spectacles froze to my face, I had to remove them to de-ice them and lost some skin!

I well recall the days of using aluminium poles for SOTA and getting my hand stuck to them when trying to split them apart… all because I thought the heat from my hand would de-ice the joints. No chance! :laughing:

Me too :sunglasses: