Blah- blah from Spain is that really necessary and in keeping with SOTA?
I politely said stand buy guys no good calling when the activator is talking.
We all are experiencing poor conditions and do call at the wrong time on
occasions but unfortunately due to these sort of remarks chasers have given up.
73 Happy Easter.Don.


Hi Ron
That was on LA9DSA/P frequency ?
If yes, was on a EA spanish QSO before Knutt called CQ
Truly Éric

Hi Don,
Could you be more specific, please?
When? date, time aprox?
Where? frequency?
Were they SOTA chasers chatting on the activator frequency?
Were they non SOTA chasers chatting on the activator frequency while unaware that such activation was going on?
Any specific callsigns involved or no callsigns were given on air?
This info would surely help us to understand the whole issue and determine whether any actions may be advisable.
Thank you.


Hello Guru,I hate to name the person on the air he knows himself who it was but a very prominent chaser from Spain in EA2,this is not the first time as Eric says of
another occasion and a while back to me again which I ignored and have heard it before.
The activation was today my time at 12.03 while working hb9eaj/p on hb/so-023
frequency 7.178.
My only contact today so I took the dog for a walk and enjoyed that as he did,much better!
Take care and stay safe Guru.73 Don


I was not on 7.178 at this time, was talking about LA9DSA/P call’s on 14.315 at 11:24 :upside_down_face:

Don @G0RQL

Rather than shout your frustrations on here, I have found a much better way forward is to privately email the station concerned, whoever that may be, and begin a constructive dialogue.

You may well find out and understand a perfectly genuine reason for what happened, or you may help the other station to better understand the effects of their operating style on you.

Either way, you can make progress, and in a positive and useful manner. A post like this is more likely to escalate tensions than bring resolution.



I’m sorry to hear that but your post is a real offensive to EA hams, as Don says first write him an email explaining your bad experience and the , if you have to complaint please give a Name or a callsign.

Lots of time due to lack of propagation I heard stations from all other countries calling over activator over and over. That is part of the activity propagation is changing everytime, fast and continuously… But this is not a excuse to blame all EA…

Please don’t use the reflector for that…


Rick EA4M


I agree Ricardo. It is not always EA hams who have bad behavior in a pileup.
Better to give the call and avoid misunderstandings.

73 de EA4R Alfonso


Hi All,I must admit the intention was not to cast any aspersions on any other hams
in any of EA or elsewhere.
I apologise for this and for any misunderstandings.
We know the culprit and as I said this has happened to me and others before, my
immediate reaction was to bring to the attention of all without naming the party.
May be the wrong way to go but to PM someone who is known for this I could not see the point.
Lets hope we don’t have to experience it again,hope this is acceptable to all in EA.
73 & stay safe.Don G0RQL.


Don, we from EA also suffer the same situations in the pile up and more those who are closer to it. Also and I´am the first one, have made the mistake of calling when it was not the moment due to propagation, noise etc.
Someday I will try to explain the Spanish concept of ANSIA VIVA … but my English is not good enough.

73 de EA4R Alfonso


I know how hard is suffering this guy, we must to hold ourselves while trying to catch some of you hearing him, some one from the south and some others in EU calling over and over again… Sometimes I prefer to change the frequency and try to catch some other activity.

As Alf said “ansia viva” is a term to explain in another threat… Probably there is a translation for that behavior but my English is not good enough to ensure a good explanation.

Your apologies are welcome Don.

Be patient, best 73 de Rick EA4M

I’d translate it as excessive and irrepressible anxiety.
But I fear it’s not just that in this particular case… there are other seasoning and spices.


Guru, It is very well explained but maybe there will be a British or American expression for that behavior… Don’t you think???

73’s de Rick EA4M

I guess it’s something they will have to tell us…


If someone is like this often and without just cause, I think that might be considered a medical condition and the behaviour is neurotic.

However, I suspect you don’t really mean that.


Is it the same as ansia de vivir ?

which …

translates as ‘will to live’ or ‘strong determination to live’

That German loan word in English just means worry or anxiousness but not excessively or irrepressibly so.

It could be more like “eagerness alive”… Is a strong desire to get something like a sota reference or another reference for a diploma that is alive all the time… Every second, each time you breath is for this reason, to catch more and more references doesn’t matter what to do… The goal is collect them at any price…

I don’t know if you catch the essence of it…

73’s de Rick EA4M

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