I Phone Confusion

I’ve made it.

Into the 21st century. At last.

Gone all US of A and sold my kidney for an i-phone.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with it yet, but can I get a SOTA app for it like is available for android?




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It works for me but the alert time seems to be set on another zone and I haven’t worked out how to change it

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sorry, can’t give you any more information. i’m a android-user myself … but i’m sure there are others who can help you!

73 martin, oe5reo

Settings=>Time Format

You’re holding it wrong!


Tried that, it still produces the wrong time. I’ll sit down one day (but not on the top of a hill) and sort it out
I think it might be because I’ve set it to UTC and because the phone time is currently in A, it automatically applies the correction (and I’m already inputting the time in Z).

A frequent complaint!

Back on topic - it’s a good app. You just need to remember to update the database from time to time - it doesn’t do it automatically.

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The current version of SOTAGOAT does have a problem with times on alerts. Spots seem to be ok.

Previous versions would deal correctly with times of new alerts. If your settings indicated you were using UTC times, it just posted what you entered as the alert time. This version adds my time offset to my UTC time, thereby calculating what the local time is for an alert, but posting that local time as the UTC time on Sotawatch.

So what I do to notify alerts is to subtract my UTC offset (currently 11 hours with DST) from the desired time, and alert for that time. Sometimes that means also adjusting the date backwards. I have my time set to UTC and this all worked fine on the previous version.

My alert for 22/10/2016, at 0630 was therefore posted as 21/10/2016 at 1930. 11 hours earlier.

I have written to Rockwell about the time problem.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I’m a long time android user and I’m pretty computer savvy, A week ago I switched to an Iphone. From what I see so far the app choices are no where close to the variety you have with android. Sota goat is the only game in town for Iphone. Sorry to say I don’t like it as much as i liked Sota Spotter. The menus on the Iphone take a little getting used to also. Kinda like switching from Kenwood to Yaesu.

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My issues pale into insignificance Andrew!

TBH there’s little to choose between high end iPhones and high end Android phones. Obviously the iPhone 7is a dumb choice with no headphone socket but that’s “progress”!

Being involved with the semiconductor makers, I know what is coming and how much the devices really cost, and Samsung and Apple both have convinced people to spend £500 more than you need to get a good phone!

AIUI, Apple development costs money for the developer software and Android is free. You can see why there are more Android apps now.

Me? I have a £110 cheep Chinese Android device, 64bit quad core, 2gb ram, 16gb flash, dualsim, sdcard support, real headphone socket, 5in screen, 4g, BT, 802.11n WiFi, GPS, and the battery seems to last 1.5 days.

Oh, and it uses chip designs from my employer!

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Glad its not just me then!

I now have a goat on my iphone.
Thanks everyone.
Its time round John got out of his office and up a few hills!

With Sota Spotter, RRT and others, the only advantage as I understand it is that SOTAGoat has over the Android apps is that it displays and you can change alerts from the app rather than a browser window.
SOTAGoat was the first smartphone SOTA app however so it set the standard for the others. It does seem strange that there is only SOTAGoat for SOTA on the iPhone/iPad platform however, perhaps coding for Apple is more complex, or getting an app into the Apple iTunes store is a problem?


It is rumoured that there is a headphone socket … if you know exactly where to drill a hole in the case!

Walt (G3NYY)

You’re a bad man Walt!

Ed, I think RRT predates SOTAgoat. When the new SOTAwatch comes out then apps will be able to use the API for spots and alerts. Of course, all the apps will need to be updated to use the API but things should be a lot better than now.


The versions of sotagoat I have used have not been able to edit anything already on the sotawatch site. Neither alerts nor spots. The only option is to add another one or to exit sotagoat, open the site using the safari browser and do the edit using the browser.

I think it is very useful to be able to post alerts, that way spots can be reserved for their intended purpose rather than using spots for “got out of the car”, “walking up the hill” and “putting up the antenna” etc. which are really not much use.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Are you getting paid to say that ? :wink:

AHA! - OK next time through Airport security ask the nice man or woman to do a close up X-ray of the iPhone 7 and give you a printout, so you can a). confirm there is a headphone socket and b). see where to drill the hole.

Perhaps try to get to the security checking area when it’s not to busy.