I/LZ-047 (Monte Filone) Iw0hk & Iz0Fyl 28/12/2021

Hello everyone, today for this 24th activation of 2021 with Luca Iz0Fyl we have decided to activate a new one on Monte Filone, a peak of the Monte Navegna park, about an hour’s drive from Rome. Once we reached the goal with the car we walked about an hour and a half to reach the top and the weather was almost spring, warm and start of the activation in t-shirt. After the first QSOs the weather changed quickly, we found ourselves in a low cloud and we had to wear all the clothes we had available. We activated two stations, one with a random wire antenna stretched between a tree and a 9: 1 balun with RTX Yaesy Ft-817 and the second with Elecraft K2 with a vertical antenna on a fishing rod. Overall excellent activation over 25 qso in total and an S2S in 7 mhz SSB with a station in northern Italy. From the top of the mountain there was also a splendid view of the Turano lake as you can see in the photos.

Regards, Andrea IW0HK

View of the Summit

The Turano lake

Luca Setup with Elecraft K2

Me during S2S qso on 7 mhz SSB


The lake & location looks great. Perhaps a summit for my next trip to Lazio!
73, Leandro M0XPO



What do these annotations mean on the subject?


73, Éric

PS: the same here