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The last of 2021, 25th activation: I/LZ-106 (Monte Artemisio)

I woke up this morning…In the end I said to myself, come you are on vacation … it is worth making one more excursion and one sota activation in 2021 :slight_smile: And so this morning I left alone, without Luca Iz0Fyl, to activate Mount Armtemisio , a low peak in the Castelli Romani regional park, about 45 minutes by car from Rome. The approach to the top is easy, about 40 minutes of walking, but the problem is that on the top there are a lot of trees and little space to mount my vertical fishing rod. So in the end I decide to use the most “simple” technique, a wire with a rock thrown on the tree to launch the antenna … and in a moment here is a perfect slooper antenna to connect to my 9: 1 balun and then to the Atu-100 tuner. Using the ft-817 I did 23 qso, many in cw and about 9 in ssb … on 14 mhz with the possibility of listening to the voice of many colleagues such as Ea2dt, EA5K which I usually connect only in cw. We wished each other a happy new year and in the end I returned happy to Rome after a simple and very very pleasant activation. This is number 25 of 2021 and I can be very happy with this last year of Sota.

Short video here of the Ssb pileup with @EA2DT

73 and Happy New Year Andrea IW0HK


Hello Andrea. Great video and photos. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

73 de Geoff vk3sq- HNY to you :beers: :beers:

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:+1: :+1: :+1:

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Buon Anno Andrea,

Great to see and hear someone else also working I/LZ.

A la prossima. 73, Leandro M0XPO

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