I love the desert! New activation- W6/SD-377


Was driving The Bradshaw Trail and decided to do a SOTA. Was great and a bit challenging. I need to learn how to spot using CW. My KX2 will store CW strings I think.


Beautiful country.

Beautiful country and epic views. Top is just a knife edge of boulders really. Took some imagination to get an end fed up on 40m without a mast. You can hit a few linked repeater systems from there in emergency- namely DARN 14 on Toro Peak and Cactus on Chuckwalla. Cell service is spotty at the top. No trail.

40m EFHW 66’ and a 10W Elecraft KX2

My contacts:

Date: 13/Nov/2018 Summit: W6/SD-377 (2140) Call Used: KK6QMS Points: 1 Bonus: 0 Delete

Time Call Band Mode Notes
00:10z N7MSI 7MHz SSB 55/33 - MT
00:16z K6DN 7MHz SSB 59/59 N Cal
00:20z K0LAF 7MHz SSB 22/22 - MO
00:21z K5NOW 7MHz SSB 56/55 - TX
00:22z W9KNI 7MHz SSB 59/59 - OR
00:23z K6EL 7MHz SSB 55/58 - San Fran
00:24z NO3K 7MHz SSB 53/57 - GA
00:24z NZ6Q 7MHz SSB 55/55 - Fresno
00:24z KH6VM 7MHz SSB 55/56 - WA
00:24z WD5CSK 7MHz SSB 57/55 - OK
00:24z W7CNL 7MHz SSB 33/55 - ID
00:49z K7GT 7MHz SSB 22/55 - OR

Love the desert. But of course!
Listening for more…

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Amazing location. Very evocative!

73s Gab IZ1KSW - EA7JUG

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To be spotted using CW, make sure you have an alert posted. Is an RBN skimmer hears you, you should be spotted on sotawatch.

Good job with the activation.

Roland K7FOP

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So is there no way to get spot onto sotawatch direct from CW?

If you have an alert up before hand, you will be spotted once you start sending CQ and your call. If a skimmer can hear you.

If you didnt alert, then you won’t be spotted unless someone spots you or you can spot yourself from your summit…APRS or if you have cell coverage…text or online.

So if there is an alert is the spotting automated or still requires a human?

It is automatic when an RBN scanner decodes your CQ and posts it to RBN database. The RBNhole software compares spotted callsigns with SOTA alerts and matches them within the time tolerances published for rbnhole. Then if your CQ logged automatically by RBN matches the alert, it posts a corresponding spot. No humanoid interaction needed.

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