I always wanted a SOTA TRX for 17 / 30 and 60m

I am really happy with my KX 2 and can not imagine giving it away.
On many contest weekends the “classic” bands are so full that SOTA on these frequencies is no longer fun for me.
There are some small CW QRP TRX with several bands… unfortunately some, which I do not like then.

My dream was always to have a small SOTA CW TRX for 17/30/60m… as long as there is none… I just take three!

I am a friend of LowePro viewpoint bags… unfortunately this series was discontinued…but you often get them second hand.

This is the LowePro Viewpoint 60

It now includes my 17 / 30 / 60m equipment

I just need to reconnect the power, key, earphones and antenna.

The antenna is a 60m endfed with traps for 17m and 30m

73 Armin


Armin, you could have an MTR-3B for those bands, or even an MTR-5B with some other bands thrown in!

It would take a little bit of work, but nothing too difficult. I think the firmware already exists to cover 60/30/17m.

73, Colin


Hello Colin

That is interssant. Unfortunately, these models are no longer available for purchase new… There is only the MTR-4B
I tried to find out something in the www. if and how one could convert these and other 3band units to 17/30 and 60… but I didn’t find anything concrete…

73 Armin

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I can understand your preference for such small rigs, because I once had a similar need, with the difference that I only ever put one in my pocket…
And of course a very important difference was that the KX2 didn’t exist back then - if you know what I mean, hi.

73 gl, Heinz


At the moment I am developing a small cw trx for 80m to 10m. I’m still at the beginning and concentrating on the tx and the software. Here is a longer video on how to use it, unfortunately in German, hi. :grimacing:
73 Chris


Hallo Chris

…das sieht ja jetzt schon super aus… da bin ich ja gespannt, wie es weiter geht.
Die Einstellungen gefallen mir richtig gut!

…that already looks great… I’m excited to see how it continues.
I really like the settings!

73 Armin


Hi Armin @DL6GCA,
great arrangement of your QCX-mini familiy. I also like the LowePro Viewpoint 60 for my larger rigs such as the KX2 or KX1. My only QCX-mini 30m that I own fits into this bag, including battery, antenna, coax cable, Palm Pico key, phones, and smart phone:

This is my smallest ready-to go HF station I have and it fits everywhere.

To cover 60, 30, and 17m it would be interesting to see whether the new tr(u)SDX is also going to cover the higher bands in the future (at the moment it is 80-20m). I think there are plans to do so. In this case, a single tr(u)SDX could be used for 60, 30, and 17m.

73 de Chris, DL1GKC

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Now I make the next step for my homebrew t(r)x. 3-4Watt out at 7.9V from 80m to 15m and up to 10W at 12V.

73 Chris