How to log a SOTA for the Chaser and Activator!


Coming next on a YooChoob near you - a new 6-part series on how to tie those problem bootlaces for SOTA - including high-altitude Tying-Tips®™ from our expert in the field; also next year a new series on sharpening your pencils, and best choice of paper, for on-the-summit paper logging!

Stay “tuned” - right :clown_face: :cowboy_hat_face:? - for further developments!


Sharpening pencils?? Here’s an excellent U-Tube video on that subject.

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Hmm - that looks like a pretty good way to end up with not only a couple of sharp pencils, but some seriously deep finger cuts if that razor blade slips while doing it. Mind you, those rakishly long points are definitely worth the risk!

Here’s the way I was taught to do it when training to be a chippy - and I’m not talking about fish and chips now:

Note how, if the chisel slips off the pencil, it ends up in solid air (John Martyn - Solid Air - YouTube) and not in yer finger.

There’s a somewhat unique phrase. :wink:

The complete guide to tying shoe laces - and boot laces…Its actually quite interesting. I was going to say exciting. But that says a lot about my level of excitement!!

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Not sure ive ever gone thru that long process. FLE for activations, click on the little icon on sotawatch for chasing. Sooo much easier…



Not only easier, but hackable. You can go as much as a week back and you can change any line except the peak reference.