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How many SOTA summits can you see from your home?


Cheating a little - work not home.

Two of those are SOTAs. For sure there are more to see if we were to swing around a bit.


From my house I can see 18 SOTA summits. My town is Durango, in the Basque Country (EA2)

The nearest summit is five kilometers away, EA2/BI-013 “Mugarra mountain”. In this area there are many Mountains between 500 and 1350 meters.

I live in a good area for mountaineering, And for SOTA :grinning:

SOTA area

From the house window.

My QTH, Durango to the South.

EA2DNO, Iratxe from Anboto, over Durango valley


…and a nicely elevated viewing platform… :wink:


Very nice pics, Alberto, although I have the feel they are taken from elevated locations around your home QTH in Durango, not really taken from your home (house or apartment), are they?



OK Guru. The second photo “from the house window” is taken from my house window. (parent’s house, better said…) :joy:

The rest, as is obvious, from nearby and higher places :wink:



The red dot is my QTH.
I can be on GM/WS-339 within 20 minutes of leaving my shack - well that was when I was young and fit now its nearer 30 minutes HI



You can answer this question with a little bit of work by producing a map at heywhatsthat.com and cross referencing the list of visible peaks with the SOTA registry. From Stanford campus, I can “see” about 15 peaks.


Hey, this really works. And it’s fun!
Also useful for quickly finding LOS and NLOS V/U/SHF propagation paths around your SOTA location…
Thank you, Clayton.


It’s taken a bit long this year but the white stuff’s got finally here in Pamplona,