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How many SOTA summits can you see from your home?


I can see four.


With or without using a computer?


From the house, two. If I walk 300m west, about 27 on a clear day.


I don’t know! I found a web-site listing 135 peaks that can be seen from Calgary, but I don’t know how many are SOTA summits.
I also found a book on the Calgary sky-line, complete with a 1.8m long panorama!

Here are two photos, one wide-angle, one telephoto that I took from Nose Hill, a Calgary park. They show part of the western panorama.

This is truly a great part of the world for SOTA, and many other aspects of life!



Nice pix, Ian. You probably know that our two cities hosted two consecutive winter Olympic games, the 14th and the 15th. Here is a song that mentions those events. Not as beautiful as our mountains, but still…


What a nice thread, Zoran!
I see many, many, although I’ve never counted them carefully.
It’s dark now but, asuming a clear air this weekend, I’ll try to take some pics and show you all the SOTA summits I can see from my rental appartment in Pamplona.



I look forward to enjoying your photos, Guru.
73 & GN!


1 The Bluff vk5/ne-065 100 km north.
From up my 50 foot tower New Campbell Hill vk5/se-007 and Brown Hill Range vk5/se-004.
Ian vk5cz


Zero. My nearest summit is 80m away and well over the horizon. It is a wonder that I started in SOTA as I certainly had no visual prompt. I have Richard G3CWI to thank for my introduction through him organising what might be described as “a club meet up from a summit day”. I can’t recall how many of us went out to activate a summit, but I was the only one ensnared by the activity and bizarrely I did not work any of the other club members!

73, Gerald G4OIG


Is not capital, but my nearby, till new update for E7… 5


Zare, I’m sure you could make a nice panoramic picture of your beautiful town and all the mountains around. To encourage you, I’m posting a photo of Leotar mountain taken in February 2017, before my activation of its summit (the 6-pointer on your map).


Reminds me of this:


Not too many from Scratby near Gt Yarmouth!!

Dave G0ELJ



I can’t see the forrest summits through the trees. LOL


None here too, which I why I started SOTA ops :grin:

I’d be back up in the hills anyway, as I decided to get / keep fit properly this year, so it would be rude not to take a radio and dish out some chaser points, right?

And on that subject, a big thanks to all my chasers so far - and the Summit-to-Summiteers too :wink:

Cheers! :beers:


I can see 2 from my home, but from my parent’s home about 3 miles away, you can see about 8.


Thank you Zoran for creating this thread. I’ve had a lot of fun working on trying to identify all the summits I can see and I have now a better knowledge about the surrounding mountains of Pamplona.
With some new pictures and an even deeper study of them checking them against the SOTA maps, I’ve come out to a total of 16 SOTA summits visible from the different balconies and angles of my rental appartment in Pamplona.

This map shows all the summits I can see with my naked eye:

Here are the pictures:

You can also see Pamplona’s cathedral here above.





Yours is the Kingdom of SOTA peaks. Good luck with activating them all, Guru.

Best 73’s!

Zoran / E70AA


yksi, een, واحد, един, jeden, ein, un, ένας, אחד, ʻekahi, ceann amháin, uno, en, один, moja, ett…


…doesn’t matter how many are out there or how you say it, it is the most beautiful to me and just out my back door (…look at all them happy creatures!)! :slight_smile:


Hi Craig, how about sharing with us a photo of the view from your back door? The one with the solo SOTA summit that makes you as happy as the CCR guys while singing about all those dancing creatures…