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Saw this yesterday when parking for Spartleton Hill GM/SS-182.

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It always amazes me when I come across a slug near the summit. I think of the effort I have expended to get there and wonder at how long it must have taken the slug!

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You are wrong on this Walt. Check out my activator log for yesterday and today.

73 Phil

Did you find my map case on Beneraird?

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Agree, I just got home from a bad weather winter activation and found all of our 4 cats sleeping in their comfy beds…
They are living the good life… :grin:
73 Sabrina HB3XTZ


Nothing found Andy, sorry. We did see a common buzzard and about 20 Sheep.
73 Phil

I once found a bat in the road after activating the Katerloch. I stopped the car and put it in the grass by the side of the road.
73 de OE6FEG

In mid winter at the top of Snowden I observed a mouse running across the snow into a tiny hole to the cafe.

Is this something to do with dogging? Or am I on the wrong forum?


I hope so!


Without knowing much about slugs lifes, I guess the slug you found near the summit very probably was born not far from where you saw it and it will spend its whole life not far from there until some animal has it for lunch.



I suspected the same Guru. Generations of slugs have therefore made it their lives’ work to enable their descendants to be the first. True determination! My achievements pale besides that.
As for their ultimate fate, I prefer a packet of wine gums personally :grin:

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The stuff of nightmares for my wife! A few years ago in Las Palmas she refused to pass a dead rat in the middle of a track until I had propelled it into the bushes :muscle::innocent:

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Well from the choice selection at the start of this topic, I have reached a conclusion!

The most popular topic is…

No not VHF is dead/alive Tom and Walt :wink:

Animals! More popular than amateur radio even amongst radio amateurs. Thanks for contributing (and I personally look forward to more doggy pictures on summits)

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I have seen cats on summits. This one was probably the most intrepid (on a lead with its human) at 2 miles ASL (3255 m) on Sandia Crest (W5N/SI-001) in New Mexico. He was so inquisitive he had to come over to see what I was up to,


More pictures of the activation here: Sandia Crest (W5N/SI-001) and Lake Peak (W5N/PW-008) May 2013 | Flickr


Pretty cat.

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. . . oh, sometimes even we eat these with the houses, you can buy them at the supermarket, in a herbs or garlic sauce. To get them out of their box trains your manual skills . . . but that is definitively another thing and 200% „off topic“, hi.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Not in this thread Markus :grin:

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  • Both rock
  • Nope
  • No behaving, never seen it but let’s play nice and leave no trace.
  • VHF is alive and well, especially in CA. In the remote area of AZ, nope. It just depends on where you are. Lots of fun and useful coordinating with other activators. Try coordination for a S2S HF long range using some DMR units (assuming you have access into a repeater). That would be fun

So, a question for you Walt:

Now, what do all the following summits have in common?

G/SP-015 - The Cloud, IO83
G/TW-004 - Bishop Wilton Wold, IO94
G/SP-013 - Gun, IO83
G/SP-004 - Shining Tor, IO83
G/SP-001 - Kinder Scout IO93
GW/NW-042 - Moel y Gamelin, IO83
GW/NW-053 - Moel Gyw, IO83
GW/NW-051 - Foel Fenlli, IO83
GW/NW-044 - Moel Famau, IO83
GW/NW-054 - Penycloddiau, IO83
GW/NW-076 - Mynydd y Cwm, IO83
GW/NW-062 - Hope Mountain, IO83
G/CE-004 - Bardon Hill, IO92
G/SP-017 - Billinge Hill, IO83
G/WB-002 - Brown Clee Hill, IO82
G/WB-004 - Titterstone Clee Hill, IO82
G/WB-005 - Long Mynd-Pole Bank, IO82
G/WB-003 - Stiperstones, IO82
GW/MW-013 - Corndon Hill, IO82
GW/NW-060 - Mynydd-y-briw, IO82
GW/NW-049 - Gyrn Moelfre, IO82
G/WB-010 - The Wrekin, IO82
G/SP-010 - Winter Hill, IO83
G/TW-002 - Cringle Moor-Drake Howe, IO94
G/SP-005 - Pendle Hill, IO83
G/SP-008 - Boulsworth Hill-Lad Law, IO83
G/LD-008 - Blencathra-Hallsfell Top, IO84
G/LD-052 - Hutton Roof Crags, IO84
G/CE-002 - Walton Hill, IO82
G/SP-014 - Longridge Fell, IO83
GW/NW-015 - Glasgwm, IO82
GW/NW-007 - Aran Fawddwy, IO82
GW/NW-017 - Y Llethr, IO82
GW/NW-037 - Y Garn, IO82
GW/NW-070 - Great Orme, IO83
G/WB-009 – Worcestershire Beacon, IO82
G/WB-006 – Caer Caradoc, IO82
G/WB-012 – High Vinnalls, IO82
G/WB-015 – Callow Hill, IO82
G/WB-018 – View Edge, IO82
G/WB-014 – Burrow, IO82
G/LD-058 – Arnside Knott, IO84
G/NP-001 – Cross Fell, IO84
GW/MW-030 – Stingwern Hill, IO82
G/WB-007 – Heath Mynd, IO82
G/NP-008 – Great Whernside, IO94
G/SC-010 – Dundry Down, IO81
G/WB-019 – May Hill, IO81
G/CE-003 – Bredon Hill, IO82
G/CE-001 – Cleeve Hill, IO81
G/WB-023 – Hegdon Hill, IO82
G/WB-020 – Burton Hill, IO82
G/WB-013 – Garway Hill, IO81
G/WB-024 – Aconbury Hill, IO81
G/SC-003 – Beacon Batch, IO81
GM/SS-272 – Arthur’s Seat, IO85
G/LD-035 – Great Mell Fell, IO84
G/SE-002 – Leith Hill, IO91
G/SC-013 – Nine Barrow Down, IO90
G/NP-032 – Cracoe Fell, IO84
G/NP-029 – Sharp Haw, IO83
G/NP-028 – Rombalds Moor, IO93
GW/MW-001 - Plynlimon-Pen Pumlumon Fawr, IO82
GW/NW-039 – Foel Goch, IO82

Answer: I have qualified all of these since the start of 2019 with just a VHF handheld and rubber duck!