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Guaranteed to prompt a ‘response’ (no particular order):

  • CW v voice

  • Data / FT8

  • Poor operator behaviour

  • VHF is dead/alive

  • Doggy pictures on summits



Hot… and likely to become heated :rofl:

The thing that I find interesting is the differences between hot topics here and on the Zed or eham. We never get posts decrying the lack of activity, we rarely get existential musings on where ham radio is going, we don’t get rants about the perceived deficiencies of the ARRL/RSGB/whatever, we don’t get rants about the naughty boys on the cesspit frequencies.

Here we don’t talk about ham radio, we DO ham radio, big difference!


Where have you been Brian? The denial of the existence of 2m activity (in spite of hard evidence to the contrary) is ever present on here. In fact you are one of the chief protagonists!

BTW, I got a number of 2m contacts this morning that was double my number of topband QSOs…

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You’d have had one more on Top Band if you had used phone! You were quite strong.

I was about to Brian but I received a phone call from the XYL who was not overly impressed with me being out activating…

Wouldn’t have added to yours or my 2020 Challenge score anyway. But if I manage to be QRV in topband from Gun later - then we can both boost our scores!

Tom posts plenty of dodgy pictures on summits


I do my best to dodge them!

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As I have frequently pointed out before, 2m activity (except during contests) is confined to IO83 square.

Walt (G3NYY)

And thus we define a slow news day!
Normal activations will resume shortly. Happy new year all


Dammit, I didn’t mean to start that hare again! I was only thinking of the HF people who claim that their bands are dead! More likely their receivers…

Except Walt, since I have returned to my original trade and touring all over the country with various bands and shows, I am finding healthy activity levels in most places. As I believe I have mentioned.

I qualified an IO80 summit today with 2m FM (and even 1 C4FM and a 70-cm QSO too). Lots of 80m too of course.


. . . not only, look at this, further down this thread:

But I must admit that I have seen many dogs on the summits so far but never ever a cat!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


PS my personal favourite from the list above is the doggy pictures on summit. But then research proved that when a baby and a dog were left alone outside a shop, the dog attracted more attention!

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Obviously, cats have more sense.



VHF still alive and well, I activated three of my last four 2019 summits mainly on 2m FM, one in Japan and latest two in NW Scotland.

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I think we need “SOTA activators and LOTW” adding to the list above.


No, I’ve seen them on summits, but they favour twilight or night for their excursions. The strangest thing I have seen was a grey squirrel on the summit of Glasgwm (just south of Aran Fawddwy) over 2500 feet up with not a tree in sight.

I saw a mouse or rat run across the road in front of me as I drove back from Gun last night. I am seeing mice increasingly on summits.

I saw a lizard on my descent of Carn Gafallt GW/MW-040 last year - Carn Gafallt MW-040

We followed two deer for a while on Tullybrack GI/SW-003


I did see a snake on a non-SOTA walk on the Essex coast a couple of years ago, but the most startling sight has to be the zebra in the field if you take the back road from Congleton up to G/SP-015 !