Hi-Per-Mite audio filters in Europe

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for the Hi-Per-Mite audio filter kit: Four State QRP Group
Do you know if it can be found somewhere in the UK or in Europe?


Is there a problem in ordering from the website as they do actually ship outside of the US?

It’s mainly a matter of time. It would take at least a couple of weeks to arrive to my house and I’d like to work on my project as soon as possible. Of course if there aren’t alternatives I’m going to wait.
An alternative would be this guy: Buy Dual Bandwidth Filter Modules SSB/CW - SSB Active Filter | Ham Radio Accessories

Hello Gab,

I don’t know about alternatives in Europe, but I ordered that to USA and they sent it fast.
Assembly is easy. I use it along with the FT-817 for activations and it works really fine. Not appropriate for crowded HF contests nevetheless…

Perhaps you could write them and ask about a dealer here in Europe although probably they don’t have any…

Good luck and 73

Gracias Ignacio,
I think I’ll just order and wait, I’ve been looking all day for a dealer in Europe without any luck. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

IZ1KSW - Gab

Dennis at Kanga sometimes has 4SQRP kits but I’m not sure about the Hi Per Mite. Worth an email maybe?


Our Czech SOTA friend Ondrej, OK1CDJ, does a CW filter, would that meet your needs?

I find that post from the US isn’t too bad, maybe it’s worth the wait to get what you want.

It looks as though the NESCAF filter might be discontinued, but it was a really nice filter kit and maybe worth keeping in mind for the future. Again, it’s a kit from the USA. http://www.newenglandqrp.org/wordpress/products/

73, Colin

Thanks for the reply Colin.
I dropped and email to kanga, didn’t know they were offering 4state qrp products.