help needed with logs

please i had a major probem logbook got wet few months ago i cant get anything from it anyone i had qso i would love update my logs can u please send me the qso’s please to

73 m0hem

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What date range are you looking for John?

over 2–3 years please look though u logbooks

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John, have you tried entering a single ‘dummy’ contact for each of the summits you activated? Then go into you activator’s log and click on “show who chased me”. Anyone who has entered a chase for you will be shown. You can then edit your log appropriately.


i was chasing them


were do i find my logs on website im out touch
View Results :-
---------------------My Results:-
---------------------------------------My Activator log

I’m curious as to why you didn’t log them for 1 to 2 years ago??


found it logs secondly i been busy a room the books were flooded in 0yes im not perfect

As far as I can see John, you have never logged a SOTA chaser contact on the Database. So I guess you are asking every activator in the programme to review their logs and send you details of every contact with you (M0HEM).

I’m sure you’ll get some replies, but in all reality you’re only going to receive a small proportion of the contacts you’ve made.


You are not in my activation logs.

You could down load everyone’s activation log one at a time then search for your self in the activation logs to build your chaser log. However I think the database managers would not be too happy and you would soon lose heart as watching paint dry would be more interesting. Better to switch the radio on and chase the summits again but log the results in a more permanent manner with a good backup.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Hello John,
I have you one in the TM15SOTA Log (sent to your personal mail).
If you go to you shall be able to retrieve 1131 eQSL. Just chose thos call with a /P (that could help).
Gerald F6HBI


How many chases do you think you’ve lost ?

Good luck with this John.
There are 12 contacts with M0HEM in my log and I have copied them all to you by SOTA PM.
I hope they will make sense when you try to convert them into the format for your log.

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