Hello from South Carolina!

Hello - As I grow more and more addicted to SOTA (and POTA if done trail-side at altitude) I thought it was about time to begin talking to others who think hiking and ham radio is by far the coolest way to spend a Saturday. I am looking forward to learning from you all and hopefully helping others when I can. If you want to see what SOTA looks like below 6,000 feet (I know some of you guys probably park at that altitude) check us out on YouTube; my brother-in-law and I run a small channel called “Two Old Men in the Woods” where we document our hiking adventures. Most of the episodes include ham radio, including our most recent one that is SOTA focused. Check it out if you get a chance:

If you enjoy it, feel free to like and subscribe and share on your favorite social media platform - 73


Great to see someone active in the Upstate and glad you found your glasses. I have lost a few over the years on activations but they were just cheap reading glasses so no great loss. But I have wondered what someone else would think if they stumble upon a pair of glasses in the middle of a rhodo hell! :rofl:

Thanks for taking us up the hard way to Rocky Spur! Looks like a nice hike and if I revisit Rocky Spur I will have to follow your lead.

73, pat - ww4d

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Thanks Pat. I think we spoke via email about three years ago (my old call was KG4OHU) when I first started to toy around with the idea of getting involved in SOTA. I was heading up Little Pinnacle Mountain above Jones Gap and wondered why it was not on the summits list, and you were kind enough to explain to me the process of how the peaks are classified. I finally took the full HF QRP plunge last year (got an FT-818) and now I am completely hooked. I would go every weekend but unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes.

Thanks for all your hard work with SOTA in W4C!

73 - Chris

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Thanks for the video. Great job. I like to approach summits from a different direction if I activate one more than once and you’ve showed me the way. Thanks for activating and hope to work you Summit To Summit soon. Dean ~ K2JB

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I’ll like and sub to your’s if you do the same for mine haha great stuff!

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse (YT: Canadian Rockies Radio Adventurer)

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Done … just subbed and watched the “Barrier Lake” video … beautiful scenery and a great job on the activation … I need to learn CW!


Thanks and CW is so much fun once you start using it! Check out cw ops academy for free classes if you ever get into it.