Hello from S53OM

Hi all,

My name is Alex from Celje.
After 30 years of inactivity I’m back. But just with QRP.
For the first taste of SOTA I’ve built simple QRP transciver based on Rock Mite but with much improvement.
I’ve repaired also my old 80m QRP from 1983 and now works fine.
Pictures are here:

This spring I’ve activated 3 summits near my QTH.
Pictures are here:

Next week I travel to Serbia and probably will activate YU/ZS-037.
I’ll inform date/time of activation on sotawatch.

Hear you on the band
73 from Alex


Greetings Alex.

Impressive gear you use from pictures i saw on QRZ.com. Nice one on the home brewed gear.

And most of all welcome to the world of Sota, addictive in it :slight_smile:


Hello Alex,

Just a info regarding YU/ZS-037 (Čigota): unfortunately, the summit (entire activation zone) is occupied by military installations and access is (almost certainly) forbidden. The same situation is on nearby YU/ZS-029 (Brijač on Mt Murtenica).

My suggestion for you is to consider activating other nearby summits:

YU/ZS-023 (Bandera on Mt. Tornik) - an asphalt road and ski chairlift leads to the top. The very summit is inaccessible because of commercial telecommunication towers, but the activation zone is wide enough to allow comfortable operation. The summit has been activated before.

YU/ZS-051 (Liska) - not yet activated, the summit is very close to the road leading to YU/ZS-023. There is no marked hiking trail as far as I know.

Fric YU1WC

Hello Fric,

thank you for fresh information.
YU/ZS-051 (Liska) was my second plan and now would be first.
I have fear on YU/ZS-023 (Bandera on Mt. Tornik) QRM because my RX is direct conversion, and GSM signals disturb very much.
Let me know how is about 2m FM - is there any activity in Užice region.

73 de Alex

I do not know about 2m FM activity in Užice region (I am not active on 2m at all). Approx 40 - 50 call signs are known to be active in the area, so I guess there should be some 2m FM activity.

Fric YU1WC