Short note on YU/ZS-037

Just a short note about YU/ZS-037:

In June this year, Alex S53OM wrote about his intention to activate this summit. I advised him against it, knowing that the summit is occupied by army installations. By the way, the summit is located within a popular and accessible touristic destination of Mt Zlatibor.

Anyway, yesterday Aca YU1CA/P managed to activate this summit. He works in communications business, and happened to be there setting a temporary repeater. He asked and was given permission to operate his portable amateur station just outside the fence, within the activation zone.

So, if anyone wonders about this summit - I guess the summit is still kind of “off limits” for us SOTA activators, unless someone wants to put to the test their negotiating ability.

73 Fric YU1WC

P.S. I thought that it is better to post this note here in the “Summit info” category, than to post an additional remark within “Introduce yourself” category where the original discussion started.

Good to hear Alex was able to activate the summit. If one of you could post something (an article or just a link to your posting) to the summit info page it would be great:

SOTA Summits

Done! I have added a link to the summit info page.