Hello All from the bavarian forrest.

Hello to All, i am new in the Ham Community. My Name is Jürgen and i make my licence on 26 of june this year. The last weeks/month i build antennas. Some wires, 10m/15m and one with 26m long for experiments. I also have a Diamond x30N for this winter, when i are with my car on the hills and weather is bad, Also i have build a yagi for 2m and a double quad also for 2m. For the wires i have a tuner from MFJ -16010. My only radio is an new yaesu 818 and it plays great. Im very happy to be a part of Sota. I must lern many thinks. At the moment im learning CW. When i can CW, perhaps i will make the great licence. Its not so easy, im a mechanical and im 61 years old. I hope we can hear us in the air. Wish all a nice time. Greetings to all from the baverian forrest/Germany.


Hi Jürgen, Welcome! I look forward to a summit to summit QSO with you in the future!

73, Fraser

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Hi Jürgen. Congratulations on the licence and welcome to SOTA!

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Hello Jürgen and welcome.

With your equipment SOTA should go well.

I’m looking forward to S2S or chasing you.

If you want do discuss something about SOTA please feel free to contact me (PM or email address on QRZ.com).

73, Ludwig

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Thank you all for your heardly wellcom. Jürgen


Hallo Jürgen,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zur bestandenen Lizenzprüfung und willkommen bei SOTA! Rund um Furth gibt es ja einige schöne SOTA-Referenzen. Bin vom Zweit-QTH auch öfter in der Region unterwegs.
Ohne 40 und 20 m ist es etwas sportlich, die erforderlichen vier QSOs für die Gipfelpunkte zu schaffen, aber zusammen mit 2 m sollte es mit etwas Geduld doch klappen. Zum Thema X30 und Betrieb aus dem Auto: Dran denken, als Aktivierer muß man den Gipfel mit Muskelkraft erreichen und darf nicht aus dem Auto Betrieb machen.
Bei Fragen auch gerne Email an die Adresse in meinem Profil bei qrz.com.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


Hello Jürgen @DO2JHM

Welcome to SOTA :wave: :goat: Nice that you have registered here. There are answers to every question here. And motivation in the form of pictures and reports as well :+1:

See you soon. Looking forward to our first QSO :beers:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Welcome Jürgen! :slight_smile: At 61 you are a youngster to learn CW. I started last year when I was 68 and I am now using it regularly. The chasers are very good and will adapt to your speed and forgive mistakes. If you can operate from your home QTH I have found chasing CW activators is very good practice.

You have plenty of 10 point summits in Bavaria but get used to operating among trees! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Jürgen! Congrats, and I’ll look forward to a QSO sometime soon!

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Hello Jürgen.

Welcome to SOTA, and I hope you’ve enjoyed amateur radio so far. Good luck with learning cw. As previously mentioned you will find plenty of understanding chasers here should you decide to go down the cw route in the future.

Good luck with it all and hopefully work you S2S one day.

Matthew M0JSB


Hello Jürgen, welcome to the fraternity. You will enjoy the activating and the meeting of new hams with the same interests. Congratulations on getting your license and learning CW also; remember that practice is the requirement here. And remember to have fun whilst learning. :+1: :smiley:

Cheers; Geoff vk3sq


Welcome to the Ham and Sota community! You will absolutely love the world of Sota.

I’m almost at 1 year since I got licensed and I’m on my 5th month since I started learning cw my advice don’t give up practice lots and persistence will pay Off and get on the air as soon as your comfortable with the letter’s and numbers.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse


Welcome Jürgen DO2JHM :sunglasses: Best of luck for learning CW.


Hello Jürgen, DO2JHM,
Welcome to SOTA. I am sure you will enjoy. Most important things already have been mentioned:

  • operating under trees ( but they are a good support for the antenna wire),
  • lot‘s of 10 points summits which are not too difficult to reach
  • for 2m you need some patience

For further questions feel free to ask

Looking forward to the first QSO

73 de Klaus, DL2KL


Welcome Jürgen to SOTA!

I am 70 – 71 later this month. I learned CW at the young age of 67. My CW is still not very good, but I love to use CW on my SOTA activations and chases. I hope to QSO with you sometime,S2S maybe!

Andy, N4LAG


Welcome, Jürgen and congratulation to the passed exam and getting your license. I have activated a few mountains in the southern part of Germany and found with Marcel @DM3FAM and Michael @DB7MM very reliable QSO partners, either from home or on a hilltop. I wish you success with your SOTA activities and good luck for your upcoming activations.
73, Peter

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