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Has 20m turned into 40m?

Oh my on 14283 just now

Trying to work a Polish sota and can hear G4OBK and M0MDA at 5 and 20+
from central UK

Any one else getting this effect of 20m acting like 40m

had to check twice i was not on 40m :wink:


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I have been working quite a lot of GM stations in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas on 20m recently. I thought this was quite unusual.

I suppose the distance from my QTH in Gloucestershire to Glasgow or Edinburgh is comparable to the distance from Cornwall to N. Yorkshire.

May be a form of Sporadic E.

Walt (G3NYY)

Well, there is a stonking great opening to the SE on six so it may be something to do with that. For signal strength perhaps the best opening of the season…what was that about a challenge? :grinning:


Is the ionosphere, perhaps, having a laugh at its expense? :wink:

I expect so as I am now back home from my travels.

No, at ours!

Nevermind, I got a new square.


Typical isn’t it - big opening after the challenge goes into it’s break. Well otherwise it would be too easy wouldn’t it!. Off to take a listen on 6m over here to see if the antenna still works after some damage in a storm last week.

It wasn’t all that impressive here. Mainly Adriatic area, and signals were in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. You had to be quick to catch them. I did work T77C in San Marino, which was a nice catch on 6m.

The Portuguese beacon, CS5BLA in IM57px, was S9 one minute and gone the next. Oh well, that’s why it’s called “sporadic” …

Walt (G3NYY)

Oh well done Brian, I did listen but nothing except some fragments from JN area.

What was the new square???


Last year I went to Monument valley.
You know the place, dusty desert in all the cowboy films.
We couldn’t go in due to the flash flooding and thunderstorm above us making it…
My other money pit is photography and I am renowned for being a weather Jonah.

Now getting back to what I was on about
I do wonder now if the said two gents i could hear calling away, could hear me a calling the same Sota station.

Mind you its been day three of 1000KM trips on 40m
Managed to reach HB9/DK9ES on the 3rd summit in HB/VS area with ease on 10w and the 40m loop As on first day I reached two HB9 sotas on 40m

I likes it when the conditions throws a wobbly and creates these conditions for us to play on.

Now am firmly believing Es can effect signals far down as 14mhz making these bands do shorter dx than the normal longer DX.

20 15 10 MB upwards Normal longer range to much longer range
But under these Es conditions it actually shortens it distance wise

30 40 and 60 and 80 well again daylight conditions keep paths very short because of the D layer cutting it short as when D layer is gone it goes sky waves and further DX happens. But when Es kicks in something happens along line D layer is well some how lost and the Es kick in and allows it to travel further BUT not as far as Night conditions would or could allow.

In this day and age of what we know the ionosphere still throws a wobbly and we just sit back in wonder and yet enjoy it whiles its happening.

Makes ya wonder at times don’t it
Yet today was going some good sota contacts on 20m unlike rest of week been bit poor and again locally 40m has been damn poor again.

Just gotta be there ready for when it happens love it


Last evening I had a good session on 20m into Europe from Mt Ainslie in Canberra (VK1).

I too experienced short 20m skip (466 km) between Canberra and Melbourne. :slight_smile:

Andrew VK1NAM