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HAM RADIO 2022 at Friedrichshafen. June 24-26

Yes CCF2/KN95/N95 masks are still required on all public transport in Southern Germany (although other parts of the EU dropped this in May) - buses, trains, trams etc.

That free bus service (or at least it used to be free) from the ferry terminal/Zeppelin museum to HAM RADIO 2022 at the Messe, runs on a regular basis. As you will see, one route goes via the train station as well.

The current weather forecast is for 13 to 14 hours of sunshine and temps in the high 20’s all three days however heavy rain showers are expected on Friday and lighter on Saturday, so some lightweight waterproof jacket is advisable to get from the car/camper parks to the buildings. Everything including the flea market is inside of course.

73 Ed.
PS Just an FYI - this is the current entry to Germany regulations around COVID (since June 11th no restrictions apply except for people coming from China):


I hope to see everyone as I’ll be there for at least Friday and Saturday.

Flying tomorrow then trying for completes by activating some of the HB9 summits I’ve had S2S contacts with. Altberg HB/ZH-015 is one of them as I need to add my call to one of the most activated summits :wink:


Yep Andy ZH-015 mostly thanks to Juerg HB9BAB, his local office.

Currently at a tram stop in Manchester City Centre waiting for airport tram. Getting into Prague this afternoon by about 1600L. Victor GI4ONL arriving around 2045. We start activating Wednesday morning.
Every target is a Complete for me as it’s rare for a day to go by without an hour or two’s Chasing so I have most of OK and DL/DM. Shack Sloth and Mountain Goat in one body!

73 Phil

Well I managed to arrive too early for check in despite emails asking me to come early. Baggage machine said “You are too late to drop luggage for this flight” which scared the bejesus out of me for a moment. 30mins later no issues and security only took 15mins. 817, 3xLiPo packs, 2x phone plus diabetic stuff and the only thing bugging them… the rubber duck for 817. I did manage to forget a handy for the rally :frowning: First time in 26 visits I’ve not had one with me… I’ll just use SMS instead.

Airport is average busy… see it manic. Big queues for coffee bars. No free samples in Duty Free :frowning: I nearly got drunk once in Dublin Duty Free the woman kept giving me samples of Irish Whiskey :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you nad Victor as I’ve not seen him for about 5 years I think.


For those in german-speaking countries who are subscribed to “Funk Amateur” magazine. The complete HR 2022 program is printed on pages 518 and 519 of the July edition, which arrived here via the post today.



Now at Prague Vaclav Havel Airport, looks the best hire car we ever had since we started these SOTA Tours, a Kia Ceed SW in white, just 5000 km on clock. Now time for a Pilsner as I wait for Victor to arrive from Dublin in about 3 hours time! Cheers - here’s to tomorrow’s activations!



With the current heatwave combined with high humidity the fun is not at ultimate levels.
I was sweating like crazy yesterday and today. One hour up feel like 3 :sweat_smile:

So please don’t forget to rehydrate :laughing:

Tomorrow I will drive to OE/VB and hope for Thursday to do another one with an early start.

See you all at FH

73 Joe

Update: And while dinner those buggers fell from the sky


It was about 13C when I left Edinburgh and the car said 34C at Geneva. It was 18C at 1600m but very windy on Chasseral HB/BE-104.


Me and Luca IZ0FYL and Maurizio @IU0KTT we will move tomorrow from Roma to Germany, with a Sota stop in OE during the trip.

See all of you at the qsl wall on Friday !!

73 And IW0HK

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Btw in case someone is staying at the 'Zum Goldenen Kreuz” (Edited) were the SOTA dinner usually would happen we can have a small event/meetup as I will stay overnight there Friday to Saturday.

73 Joe

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Sorry Phil, no copy today :frowning:
I did try though.

73, Colin

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Hi Colin

Not much good today, condx on the HF bands, thanks for trying. Made 65 QSOs on 20m and 40m on CW/SSB from the three summits activated. Good to bag so many S2S QSOs from DL/AL-282 this morning.

I much prefer the practice of activators sending /P to attract attention on CW. A few interject with S2S, so one starts writing down the call thinking it’s an SM or an S5 etc, and then you have to scrub it out, messes up the log book hihi…

Not a bad day all told on the drive down from the Munchen area, temperature was 31c at peak so we decided three summits was sufficient. We are at our Gasthaus north of FN now, and will catch the bus into town tonight for our meal and drinks. Just getting into the shower now. (Too much information!).

73 Phil


I gave up after 2 activations as it was so hot and conditions were a bit rubbish. In the car, AC on high and relaxed listening to some tunes as I have figured out how to make the dam hire car play my music via Bluetooth:-)

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Hi Joe,
where is this restaurant, please? The one that I have used twice was the “Zum Goldenen Kreuz” in Pfrungen. I have also used Wirtshaus am Gehrenberg in Markdorf - isn’t it strange that the first restaurant is near to Höchsten and the second to Gehrenberg - I wonder how that happened?

73 Ed.

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My bad. Yes that is the one.
Not sure how I confused the name.

So anyone there?

Unfortunately, I’ll only be out at Höchsten on Saturday evening, Friday I have other plans and I’m staying some distance away this year- sorry.
73 Ed.

Hi Joe,
We arrived in our Airbnb in Urbanstobel today, not so far from you (see my APRS position on aprs.fi).
Had to cancel yesterdays activation, too much rain … same today, but now because too hot!
We’re not available for meeting/dinner on Friday, but Saturday would be fine for us. Anyone else ? We can discuss further at the QSL wall.

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QST to all visitors of HamRadio:

The QSL-Wall is no longer where it used to be. It has been moved to hall A1.

See you there at 12.00 LT!

73 Heinz


Palm keys are back and on sale in FN


Small disaster at show as 25m wall in DX PLAZA falls down. Fortunately it appears no one hurt. Officials working to re-erect it

73 Phil

Update: A few minor injuries, nothing serious

Very nice SWL Rx: