HAM RADIO 2022 at Friedrichshafen. June 24-26

I have been contacted by a couple of people asking whether I will be organising a formal dinner at this year’s Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen.

While we are at the highest new infection rate ever (just short of 300,000 new infections every day) in Germany at the moment, who knows what will happen with the Ham Radio event. At the moment it is still planning to go ahead on June 24-26.

I feel the likelihood is that there will be fewer hams willing to travel to Germany if there are quarantine entry restrictions in place and generally with such high infection rates, fewer people even from within Germany, will be willing to travel.

Therefore it is not fair to a restaurant to reserve a table for the usual 15 people or so and then have to cancel it or reduce the numbers.

I suggest that those at FN and interested in SOTA meet as usual at noon on Friday or Saturday by the QSL board and decide on a good restaurant in a central location for us all to meet up at, in the evening. Or possibly two different or overlapping groups on the two evenings.

If there are those coming who have not yet booked accommodation, I suggest that you look into this asap and book something that you can cancel up to a week or so before the event, otherwise you may not get accommodation at a reasonable price.

73 Ed.


I hope I will be there on Friday, 24th. The QSL wall at 12:00 local time as usual.

73, Milos S57D

I will be there Saturday, June 25.
73 Jens

Well, at least there is a little bit of feedback as to people attending!

Please remember that there is an official SOTA Session on Saturday at 14.00 in room Austria.

As I wrote in my post: Ham Radio 2022 - Short presentation - Attendance I am still looking for someone to do a short presentation that might be interesting for SOTA people…

Look forward to hearing who else is coming!

73, Sylvia


I am coming to the SOTA presentation and will be at the QSL wall at 12.00h on Friday and Saturday.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP


I’m planning to do another SOTA trip to FN this year.
But since I no longer travel alone, I’m not free to go as I please anymore :laughing:
Probably fewer summits along the road …

@OE5YYN Sorry Sylvia, I would love to give a presentation, but 15 minutes just isn’t enough for me …
(some of my local club members probably still have nightmares since the nanoVNA presentation I gave, it lasted for about 4 hours … )

I will probably only buy a one day ticket for Saturday (and send the YL shopping, hi).
So if some meeting or dinner is planned ad hoc on Friday, I would like to be informed via the reflector or PM/e-mail.

Would be great to meet again with some SOTA friends after such a long time !



Gosh! :rofl:

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We’ll see you there Luc - I will be travelling with Victor and SOTAing from Prague to FN on the way there and back, using a hire car for transport.

My last visit was in 2018 with my XYL. That year we stayed well out of FN for 5 nights, where Ed DD5LP organised the SOTA Meal at the Hotel Zum Goldenen Kreuz in Wilhelmsdorf. I remember watching you activating on Hochsten in your chair with the table and brolly! I recalling activating myself there early morning on my own two days before you, before returning to the hotel which was just a few miles from the summit for my breakfast.

On a previous visit in 2016 (the same week when the British public narrowly and disasterously voted for Brexit) we had three meals in what was called Delphi Restaurant on the Bodensee Lake frontage near the port. The food was so good there that my my wife, myself and my mother in law went back there three times that week. We visited again in 2018 for one meal, however the restaurant then had a different name which I cannot recall, but food was still just as good as in 2016 and it was frequented by many hams with familiar faces who were attending Ham Radio. I would like to try that restaurant again this year when I will be there with Victor GI4ONL.

I didn’t take many photos at the show that year but here is one when I met up with Zoli YO2BP and Sorin YO2MSB at the QSL wall.
73 de Phil


I am planning to be there an do some activations in Tyrol or OE/VB before.

Planning to be there at 12:00 LT at the QSL wall and of course visit the SOTA meetings organized by Sylvia.

Hope to meet a lot of SOTA friends there. Just as the (offical or unofficial) motto is this year: " Revisiting old friends

See you all


I will be in Bregenz visiting Herbert OE9HRV. I hope to attend with Herbert either on Friday or Saturday. I am not sure what his plans are.

Andrew VK1AD


I met your callsign anagram and fellow VK Andrew VK1DA a few years back. So meeting you will be another tick towards my Met-All-VK-Andrew award :slight_smile:

Of course, meeting all the other people will be a pleasure after so long.

All dependent on the UK passport agency issuing my passport in time :question:


Got my renewal in about 3 weeks. Oh how my heart was lifted by it being a lovely shade of very dark blue… /sarcasm off/

But seriously… the hardest part was getting the photo accepted. Took 3 tries!

I’m sorry we won’t be in FH this year. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I took the photos for both my wife and daughter’s passports. I read the rules and took a number of photos in both flash and natural light. Getting the time of day right meant there were no natural light shadows and the results were fine. The bigger problem was getting the photo accepted by Mrs. FMF who thought most of them looked terrible! Once we had one she grudgingly accepted it was accepted 1st time by the Gov.


I will be at the QSL-Wall on Friday and Saturday and also of course at the SOTA meeting! Looking forward to seeing all of you …

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Ha ha. Ditto…

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Hello Phil,
could it be this one? DELPHI Seestr. 20, 88045 Friedrichshafen
This still seems to be existing as far as I can tell from the map and from Tripadvisor.
BR, Peter DO4TE

Hi Peter

Yes, that is the rstaurant for sure, thanks - assuming the webpage is up to date, it keeps the same name. Victor GI4ONL and I are staying a few miles out of town arriving on Thursday and staying Friday night also near FN - we move off east to do an activation on the Saturday afternoon after the show, so we will be looking for somewhere to eat on those two nights in the area. We’ll look it up and if we eat there I hope it is as good as was in bygone years!

73 Phil

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If the restrictions doesn’t come up, I intend to go to hamfair Friday and Saturday, and meet all of you in near the QSL board.
Really hope that the fair will not be cancelled, cause I already bought the flight without rebooking or refund… but, lets wait and see what is going to happen…


Hi Phil,
That website is a general restaurants website. Delphi doesn’t appear to have one of its own. Looking at it through Google maps, it does appear to still be in business however it has some fairly bad reviews. I suspect it has changed hands since you were there and the resulting service might reflect the new owners. Then again, the bad reviews from 5,6,7 months ago were in the middle of COVID and most likely staffing was limited?

73 Ed.

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I’ve visited the lake front restaurants so many times. I do remember Delphi as being good with a really fun waiter. However, when you walk along the front, some restaurants will be packed and others will have tables free. When there are lots of hungry people, a restaurant with free tables is either too pricey or not very good. Or both.