Half a goat syndrome. Mt Orhi 15 nov 2015

Hello dear SOTA mates,

This activation has been special for 3 reasons:

  • it’s been my 100th activation, well indeed 100 & 101 as I put two references on air,
  • now I reached (and passed) my 500 activator points,
  • I took the chance to activate for the first time a summit in F country.

Chosen summit was Mt. Orhy. It is one of these rare summits lying in the very border with France that has two references: F/PO-137 & EA2/NV-003.

When I left home, very early as there is a 1h 30min drive, weather was very foggy.

Only when approaching the base of the summit the sky opened providing a magnificent view of Orhy Peak

Activation F/PO-137
First I activated the F reference. I had no mobile connection, but my dear friend George, EA2LU was waiting for me on VHF to provide assistance with spots.

I started on 20m SSB, and found a big pile of chasers there. In a quick run of 15 minutes I logged 35 stations.What a promising day!
I had previously announced I’d take the chance of this activation to make a tribute to all people who passed away in Paris on the 13th of november.
Therefore my exchange included RS plus the phrase “peace for the world” as a wish for all humans in the future.

Later I switched to 20m CW and again got a huge pile of 36 stations in 30 minutes. I’m afraid my CW rate is lower than my speech, hi. The exchange was RST + Peace.

Knowing there are avid chasers in the 10m challenge, I did a brief run in 10m SSB, with just 3 in the log, and 5 more in 10m CW. It seems conditions were long skip with Europe. Nevertheless one of the 10m SSB qso was EC2AG/P S2S; thanks Antonio!

Activation EA2/NV-003
I did a short break to relax and I moved the position of the radio next to the spanish downhill. Then I started the second activation.

This ref. is a 10 pointer summit while the F reference is 8 points. Nevertheless I logged fewer stations this time.
Here the numbers:
20m SSB: 25 qso, including S2S with S57D/P
20m CW: 20 qso, including S2S with HB9/PB2T/P,
10m SSB: 3 qso, including S2S with EC2AG/P again,
10m CW: 3 qso.

To finish, I run VHF for a while and chased 4 stations, being 3 S2S with EA2EBX/P, EA2DYS/P and EA2BSB/P.

I was expecting to find and have a S2S with my friend Guru, EA2IF/P who were alerted on a near summit. I scanned the bands up and down without a trace of him.

I asked by the handheld about that to EA2DYS/P, my only remote connection with the cluster and he together with EA2CSC looked for me on sotawatch and informed me that Guru was running on 30m CW.

Damn! I had only brought my 10-20-40 End Fed, without a tuner. I decided to try decreasing power and run there anyway.
He was loud at my end, and I called him several times with 500 mw and a hi SWR indication. No way!
I increased to 1w and this time it worked. So good we could complete the summits, Guru!

Just before leaving some beautiful pictures of nearest mountains of Pyrenees. What a lovely day for November!

Thanks to all chasers and activators. A very nice day with espectacular views of the Pyrenees.
Special thanks to EA2LU who joined me by the distance for a long time to spot me everytime I changed mode & freq: thanks a lot!!

Now, er… since I returned, I feel like half a goat… Is this a type of syndrome?
Vy 73 de Ignacio.


Increasingly rare as we are eliminating such duplications - after all, there was only one summit!


Hello Ignacio,

Thanks for the summits and the report/photos. Not sure about the half goat mask :wink:
Well done.
Best wishes.


First congratulations on these unique 100/101, thanks for 2 s2s was easy work you follow the road to 5000 points s2s.



Primero enhorabuena por esas unicas 100/101, gracias por los 2 s2s,fue facil trabajarte seguimos camino hacia los 5000 puntos s2s.


A nice report and some great photos. Once again you show everyone the wonderful countryside and mountains that are in Spain (and France).

So Andy, you chose Canary island to get the taste of our summits? :wink:

Thanks everyone for your nice words… I like to write some article, and as I get older I will be able to remember old stories and good moments and maybe to show them to my future grandchildren…

I forgot to add the tip of the day in the original post!

Botanical tip

On the way to the summit I found few flowers, but this Carlina acaulis:

It is a popular flower that we can only find in the north of Spain, at a very high altitude.
In the Basque country it is called Eguzkilore, that means Sun flower, due to its likeness with the sun. It’s frequent to find them hanging on the main door of countryside houses in our area to protect people against any bad spirit.

The plant is not tall and had some medical use.We can also find it in northern Europe in Sweden, Norway or Iceland.

End of transmission .- .- .-

See you soon from another summit, take care.
73 de Ignacio