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Congratulations to Allan for a fine achievement with his 5000 points S2S.
Well done.73 G0RQL.

S2S 5,000 Points

145.375mhz FM at 09:00 UTC.

I had the greatest of pleasure to witness GW4VPX/P on GW/MW-029 call in Summit to Summit & work Dave GW8NZN/P on GW/NW-010 earning him 8 points which took Allan to his goal of 5,000 s2s Activator points. Congratulations Allan and thanks to you both for working me afterwards.

73’ Don GW0PLP


(I’ve merged 2 threads to 1)

A fine achievement. Makes my 1900 or so S2S points look a bit pathetic.


Thanks Andy…Same message of congratulations from the Don’s


Respect to the master! Great achievement Allan, that’s a big number :smile:



Great, Allan, and I think I might have even been with you on the summit when you reached this goal. Fantastic!


Hi Allan,

Absolutely superb mate! Thanks for the SOTA this morning on MW-029 and the many many other Chaser points.

73 Andrew G4AFI


As we discussed last Friday Allan - allegedly you have now done it, TNX to the 2 X Dons for tipping us off - not showing yet “officially” in the S2S HR table, but probably will tonight!

Congrats on your highest S2S All G Score for S2S topping 5000 points.

73 Phil



Llongyfarchiadau Allan.

Well done on 5000 S2S.


Congratulations Allan on achieving 5000 summit to summit points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Amazing Allan keep up the good work :sunglasses:

73 de Paul G4MD


Fine business, Allan. Glad to have been some help along the way…

73 Mike


Incredible achievement! Heard Allan was close when we last worked S2S, so glad to hear the target’s been hit.

Here’s to the next 5000!

Jordan M3TMX


An amazing achievement Allan. There are probably not many S2S contacts with you in my log due to the bands I usually work, but I certainly hope for a few more before I hang my boots up!

73, Gerald


Well done Allan, wonderful achievement.


Great stuff Allan, as others have said that is a big number and lot of time in the cold and the rain.



Congratulations, Allan. Your accomplishments are inspiring!

Paul K9PM


Very impressive - well done Allan!



Well Done Allan!


Congratulations Allan.

Geoff GM4WHA