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Hello Allan, well done on MG today. I will be ordering a selection of herbs and alpine plants to be delivered for you when you get home to tuck into . :wink:


Congratulations Allan, welcome to the herd and thanks for all the contacts along the way.

Problem now is… starting all over again for the next 1000 :grinning:

Victor GI4ONL

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Well done Allan, thank God for 60m!

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Well done Allan! You succeeded despite the poor conditions. Sadly I couldn’t hear you. The easy life now :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on achieving mountain goat. Many thanks for all the contacts along the way.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA / G4WHA/A

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Very well done Allan - all the better for completing it in England :wink:


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Congratulations Allan, well done on gaining MG and joining the herd.

You’re in the much rarer Welsh version of the herd, rather than our more common English version!

Looking forward to more joint activations in the future (hopefully in the summer :smile:)


Matt G8XYJ

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Or, the even rarer GI version :sunglasses:


Many congratulations Allan. An excellent achievement in a tad over 3 years.

It is always a pleasure to speak to you, though my partner in crime is the one that usually speaks to you S2S and passes on your 73’s post activation. All the best for the next 1000.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Excellent Allan, congrats on the MG :smiley:

Now the fun starts :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

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Well done and congratulations Allan here’s to the next 1000. 73 Don.G0RQL.

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Very well done indeed Allan, an excellent achievement.

Sorry I couldn’t hear you on 40 or 60m today due to the continuing poor band conditions but thanks very much for all the points on your way to Mountaion Goat status.

I hope conditions improve soon and I’ll hopfully catch you on your next activation.

73 Mick M0MDA

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Da iawn Allan.

Thanks for all the S2S along the way.


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Considerable achievement from a very determined and enthusiastic amateur.

Very well done Allan - GW4VPX

Wish I didn’t have all this work to do otherwise I would have been on Skiddaw with you.


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Well done Allan (and Val) and welcome to the herd.
Sorry not to contribute today; probably the only fixed time work I will do this year :frowning:

We look forward to making contact as you work your way through the next 1000 points and enjoy the freedom of not minding too much if you only make three contacts.

Rod (and Vicki)

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Congratulations Allan, great achievement! :sunny:
Sorry I missed you! I did try from G/WB-006 with its nice steep slope on the northern end. Nothing on 2m, too slow putting up the antenna for 60m, and could just about hear that you were there on 40m.

Best 73s

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Congratulations on achieving MG. It is always a pleasure to Chase you :slight_smile:

73 Andrew G4AFI

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Well done Allan. Speak to you soon from another summit.


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Congratulations Allan. Great to meet you at Norbreck and looking forward to our next QSO.

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Many congratulations Allan. Sorry couldn’t work you today but had to spend it indoors at a company conference. Glad to have worked you along the way and to have personally met you.

Once again very well done & llongyfarchiadau
73 Glyn

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