GW/NW-027 Arenig Fach

Hi everyone.
Just a brief post to let you know that a report of my latest activation is up on my blog
Thanks to all the chasers and activators for the contacts.
73 Allan GW4VPX

Curtailed my visit to 20m due to a rock falling on my coax…not safe in theses cairns :smile:

A wet and windy Snowdonian range in the distance.


ouch on the coax!
looks quite cosy in the summit shelter though

Hi Steve

Thank goodness for summit cairns as it tipped down when we arrived and there was a continual cold breeze…summer?? I will keep a careful eye on the Alerts as I will be out over the weekend so hope to get you summit to summit (s2s). Good luck

Allan GW4VPX

Its a brilliant cairn on that summit, its needed though as the wind is often strong up there. Its just a shame the walk up to it is so challenging !


Hi Jonathon

Hope you are well and well done last week with those youngsters. I called out for you several times during the activation of Arenig Fach as I had noticed you on the Alerts…no joy. Yes it’s a nice summit but the heather bashing takes it out of you (I mean me) :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

That would be cool (S2S).
I was mountain biking with a mate coimng down from Pen-Y-Gaidir (the one near Waun Fach) and he said to me, as we descended in the cold and clouds, that it would be nice here in the summer.
It was mid june :smile:

Exactly, it comes right up to your upper thigh and no path !

40m is terrible at the moment, I have just added another section to the linkDP to go onto 60m. I could not hear you at all on Sunday or any other inter G. I was running 40W. Might get out this afternoon on a summit.

73 Jonathan.

I activated this hill 4 times - always in winter - much easier with the heather so much lower…Simples!
Barry M0IML

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Indeed, and added bonus points as well potentially.

And he’s got long legs :slight_smile:

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Well done Allan.

Mike :smiley:

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Nice one Allan.

When I was there the summit shelter had a good glazing of ice. Holds it together nicely!

Thanks for the S2S. Sorry I wasn’t quicker up the 2nd one. Too worn out just watching the runners racing over the mountains I had just slogged up :wink:

73, Simon

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