Grisedale Pike/ G-LD-015

23 April 2024
We were staying in Braithwaite caravan site for a few days and today dawned bright and sunny with just a few mist patches slithering over the tops. Grisedale Pike is a short but steepish walk from Braithwaite.

I spent a while deciding what extra clothing to take - the MWIS said winds of 25mph & a temperature of 3 - 4 c could be expected. Kit was packed and I added an additional 2 amp battery, ‘just incase’’.

Setting off and 1:45’ minutes later I could see I’d be on the top earlier than I planned so I edited my ETA accordingly for 1000z/GMT/UTC .etc. A fresh wind from the North had me donning my hat and Gortex jacket and I found a nice sheltered spot just below the summit. The temperature was 3 c and lovely and sunny.

I connected the battery but the radio wouldn’t switch on​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: despite my attempts to twiddle with the connections. I fished out the spare battery and the radio burst into life :hugs:. I sat in the sun and out of the fresh breeze, thanks in part to my umbrella. (Yes, I do get the odd remark about umbrellas on hills. It does make a handy walking stick as well though) The bloke I’d passed earlier on the way up came by gasping for air - I wondered where he was going and how far he’d make it.

Exactly on 1000z I posted a spot and called CQ on my little Russian ‘spy key’.

Gerald/G4AFI was the first customer answering immediately after my 1st CQ. 10 minutes later the well behaved pile up got me 11 QSOs on 7 mhz including GI0AZA & B . and an S2S with N6JFD/P from an Irish summit -EI/IE-007 a 10 pointer. :slightly_smiling_face: In a quite period one of the callers mentioned the weather and told me it was raining. I enjoyed telling him it was lovely and sunny and quite nice where I was. A minute later a big dog started barking at me whilst his owner called him off and then a minute or two later two RAF jets rocketed through the valley below me rendering all morse on my radio unreadable. Quite spectacular I must admit, but I do love the peace of the hills. :grinning:

All became quite on 7mhz so after a few unanswered calls I changed to 14mhz and hoped I get an S2s with both Andy MM0FMF, Fraser and Ben. 26 minutes later I had an additional 17 QSOs in the log including W2WC. from NY.

Looking at the spots on my phone I could see Andy on 10mhz and a quick listen on my SWB-1b I could hear him being called by several chasers. I wasn’t too hopeful, but a quick “S2S” got an immediate reply although it took a couple of repeats of my call for Andy to recognise it really was an M6 calling him using CW. I was quite pleased getting Andy as I’d never worked him before.

Then my ‘spare’, battery kept cutting out and I could see it had run down to 9v and the radio was cutting out. I pulled the first battery back out of my bag and tried that…it worked immediately - even though it hadn’t before. I then realised I’d not switched in on previously :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Back on 14mhz I worked a few more customers, including AC1Z and another S2s with Bruno calling from I/PM-261.

I’d been on the top for two hours and it had quietened down. A fell runner stopped and asked what I was doing before disappearing towards Braithwaite.

I was hoping to work Fraser and Ben from their Scottish summits but it would mean waiting on top for another hour and I was getting a little chilled. I did see a spot for Fraser calling on SSB but I wasn’t sure he’d switch to use CW. Time to go…

7mhz : 14 contacts
14mhz : 29 contacts
And 1 on 10mhz.

As I walked down I heard my 1st cuckoo of the year calling from Coledale below me and on reaching the trees I could hear numerous Chiffchaffs, a single willow warbler and a pied flycatcher - a nice tick if you enjoy a bit of birdwatching as I do.


TU for the S2S, happy walking!!!

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Yes, a nice benefit of the boost in solar activity is the skip is much shorter on bands like 30M. A few times recently I’ve had plenty of G stations calling me on this band. It’s not unheard of but normally they’re stations out on the end of the South coast. In this case though Grisedale to Craiglee is 93km with about 40% sea path so I’d plump for groundwave here.

I was on Grisedale Pike almost exactly one year previous and it hailed many times and was brutally cold for near the end of April. I spent half the time on Craiglee this year in just a T-Shirt, so a big difference in the weather.


Thank you for the Activation Report Dave, Well Done and very descriptive. Thank You also for the QSO and Thank You for my first contact on G/LD-015. 73 de Paul M0CQE.

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Are activating any more summits Jamie?

Hi David. Nice pics. I did that peak in September. It started out sunny but the mist and cloud came in by the time I reached the summit. I had a Bothy bag so I was warm on the summit.

I like to bird as well but am too lazy to carry my binoculars on climbs.


@M6GYU GI/MM-001, a complete candidate for me tomorrow/27th. That might be my last one this go round. We shall see