Going for a big one tomorrow. W7M/PS-005 Tempest Mountain!

Last year I bagged the first activation of Montana’s Granite Peak W7M/SF-001. I did this summit in about 20 hours, 30 miles distance and over 6000ft elevation gain. (Video on my QRZ under the pic video link) It is considered the hardest summit in the lower 48. It was beyond challenging for me to accomplish the summit in one fast light push. I will be preparing to do it again this year with my wife! Tempest mountain is the pre cursor to Granite peak and currently un-activated, still a hell of a feat just 400 feet lower and 20-25 miles in distance, 6000+ feet of elevation gain depending on detours due to snow over 10,000.

My wife, dog, and myself will be attempting Tempest Mountain W7M/PS-005 tomorrow in one fast push. Wish me luck on this un-activated monster! Chase if you can, my alert time is approximate. Feel free to email me if you would like regarding chasing I will possibly have service on my phone once I get above 10,000 feet ( maybe 1900 UTC ). Ill post pictures to the folder located on my QRZ and write a report for the reflector when all is said and done. Listen for me!


Good Luck!

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Good luck Rob.
Oh, never happened unless there are pictures. :wink:


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I looked you up on QRZ. We have a lot in common…except I am not a pilot. That being said I will be up on a summit in the Flathead and will do my best to work you S2S. Good luck and be safe.



Keep clear of Froze-To-Death Mountain! Stay safe, good luck…