GM0GAV 2000pts

Congratulations to Gavin on achieving Double Mountain Goat.

He is well on his way to completing all the Scottish hills over 3000 ft. (914 m)

73 Rob GM3YTS


Congratulations @GM0GAV Gavin - great achievement :+1: glad to work you from a few lately!

73, Ben


Nice one Gavin! Congratulations on the double goat

I suspected you were on a mission! How many left?


Cordial congratulations, Gavin ! Looking forward the next QSO

Congrats Gavin on the second MG! :goat: :goat:
Thanks for the many new-ones and for the S2S!
73 Fabio

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What a challenge Rob! Congratulations Gavin.

73 Phil G4OBK


Congratulations Gavin. Always nice to contact you from Scotland.
73 Claudio

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Congratulations Gavin to a double mountain goat.
73 de Jan SM5LNE

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Thanks to all for the kind wishes. I told Rob GM3YTS not to mention it, but that didnt work!

To answer Fraser’s question, 247 Munros done leaving 35. I think there are 22 SOTA summits in the 35 remaining. But there are Munros I did pre SOTA which I have not activated, probably wont activate them. Ben Hope GM/NS-020 & Ben More Assynt GM/NS-009 are a couple of these.

I need my pal Mark to get fit again so we can do the Cuillin Ridge on Skye, he tore his Achilles earlier in year and thats a long recovery.

Thanks for all the qso as ever
73 Gavin

PS this is Sgurr Mor GM/WS-055 on Sunday


Well done on your 2nd MG.

Always glad to work you either as a chaser, or activator.


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Many congratulations on the Double Goat Gavin. It’s always a pleasure to work you on some of those remote summits. I somehow doubt I will ever get Completes on them! All the best for completing the Munros. Just having a few to my credit is sufficient for me. :wink:

73, Gerald

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Hi Gavin

Congratulations! I am currently in your territory, on the Isle of Skye. We are here with bicycles so there was no space available for HF Radio, unfortunately…
Beautiful Island and so is the WX.

73 and keep going!
Bruno HB9CBR


Congratulations Gavin!

Finished my Munro round in 2001… 10 years before getting my amateur radio Foundation licence… would have been fun to combine the two. I’m envious!

Are you thinking of a continuous traverse? Probably the best expedition you can do in the UK.

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well done and I admire people who have travelled north and completed. Lots of tough weeks and soakings no doubt!
The continuous traverse was a possibility for this summer, if we got the weather. But my pal being out of action has knocked that for this year. Most likely will do in sections now.
73 Gavin

Many congrats Gavin on double MG. I have had a recent reminder of how hard you have to work to get any points up in GM-land! Sorry we didn’t get a chance for a chat while I was ‘nearby’. Best of luck with the rest of the summits - expecially the Munros. Looks as if you had the right weather for the last one!
73 Viki M6BWA

PS Good to meet you GM3YTS Rob (and get a pronunciation lesson) on GM/SS-216 Dumyat (which is NOT pronounced ‘Dumyat’ but something like D’m eye-at’)…I am now standing well back as (almost) everyone N of the border weighs in with the proper pronounciation!

I hope he’s better soon.
It’s a fine expedition. I went south to north… in 1988 (a lifetime ago!).
My wife Sue also Compleated (sic) in 2013… so I found myself going back to do all of the Skye Munros in stages during the mid/late 2000’s. Although maybe not quite as exciting/satisfying as a full traverse I probably enjoyed them more that way due to all the extra exploration opportunity afforded by the different routes to the summits and an ability to take our time a bit more.

It’s a truly magical place. I wish you luck getting the weather to do them in good style.

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Well done Gavin, great achievement!


Well done Gavin, great achievement!

john m0hem