GM/NS-131 activated

Creag Laisgte. A bit of a slog over peat slags, But not too cool. I had 2 deer fences to cross which proved fun. To keep my hand/s warm on sending I used a small heat pack which worked a treat. 23 QSOs, 3 fm the USA and 1s2s with Switzerland.

Only 1 point but someone had to do it. If I can get parked in Glen Rossal tomorrow I’ll try GM/NSW-118 Beinn Sgeireach before going to the west coast.
The warm unseasonable weather has stripped huge amounts off the hills


If you had nice clear weather you can see Suilven from there. Here he is on the left with Canisp on the right as seen from Breac-bheinn NS-123 which is about 13km East of Creag Loisgte. Distance to Canisp is 38km.

You may well end up with OK weather. Which is nice.

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Yes it was pretty clear, if a little overcast. Yes Suilven was very obvious to the west but with little if any snow.

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I didn’t expect you for another 90 years :clown_face:
Friday 22nd February 2109
14:00 MM6GYU/P on GM/NS-131 7.030-cw,14.060-cw
An unactivated 1 pointer! My ETA may be variable. (Posted by M6GYU)

I couldnt hear you on 20M. Did you try 40M in the end?

73 Andrew G4AFI

Yes I did try 15 & 20m but with little luck. I was also getting rather cold, so didn’t try too hard. 20m QRP area was pretty busy so it was difficult finding a space!

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