Glas Maol GM/ES-012

I’ve done this a few times. Once was in quite thick mist when I was new to SOTA and hillwalking which was fun. The second when it was around -7C in the car park and damn silly cold at the top, shortly followed by the mist descending and no view again. The WX forecast was excellent for today.

For me it’s motorway to Perth, A94 to Blairgowrie and A93 to Glen Shee ski centre. I used to hate the A93 it’s windy, bumpy and there’s nowhere to overtake. Then I bought a car that had big engine and a silly amount of power, big tyres and decent suspension and it became fun. Then I bought a car with even more power and a paddle-change gearbox and now it’s a hoot.

The WX was glorious and the car parks were full with tourists and walkers. There are 8 easy Munros here so it can get busy. I covered myself in suncreme and was off. Gal Maol is an 1068m 8pt summit but as the car park is at 665m this is the easiest 8pts in Scotland. There’s excellent paths so it’s a trivial 1hr20 walk of 3.2km. It’s really silly to get points for such little effort. I setup clear of the cairn which was very wise, there were hundreds of visitors. The LF bands were rubbish, lots of QSB on 5/7 & 10MHZ. The money band was 14MHz CW.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

Glas Maol GM/ES-012 from 2/3rd up, this is the only steeper part.

Looking towards Crianlarich, the 3 peaks of Beinn a’Ghlo are clear in the distance at the right hand side.

Looking South, Munro Creag Leacach (grey crags in English) in the centre. In the far distance left hand side the cone of Mount Blair GM/ES-035 is obvious.

Zoom on to Mount Blair GM/ES-035. This could be the most boring summit in Scotland but the cell tower on it has fantastic coverage. So it has it’s good points

Looking North into the Cairngorm Massive. The tors on Beinn a’Bhuird GM/ES-004 can be seen.

Glas Tulaichean GM/CS-011. I’ve done this twice and sat on the edge of the cliffs but I never knew what a stunning mountain it was. Note the distant snow patch on Beinn Dearg GM/CS-023 on the right side.

A fine selection of Munros and SOTA summits including Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain GM/CS-009, Stob nan Gobhar GM/CS-003, Glas Tuliachean G/CS-011, Carn a’Gheoidh GM/CS-030, Carn an Righ GM/CS-031, The Cairnwell and Beinn Iutharn Mhor GM/CS-014

It’s gone all floppy… must be an age thing. The hat brim that is.

Summit panoramas

Looking SE towards Crianlarich, Ben More GM/SS-001, Ben Lawers GM/CS-001, Sciehallion GM/CS-005,
Ben Gulabin GM/CS-077 and many more. I love the way there are so many ridges to see here.

Looking North on the A93 as passes between Carn Aosda on the left and Sron na Gaoithe on the right. After the last bend, the road is smooth and there are few tight bends. Apart from stupid sheep, dumb Deer and mindless hill walkers you can really get you pedal to the metal down to Braemar. A road for hooning along.

A close up of Carn a’Gheoidh GM/CS-030. I’ve done this one twice and never had a view.

All in all a grand day. A93 hooning, wonderful views, average radio. Cracking stuff.


Cracking pics, Andy!
Thanks for the report.


Nice, Andy. I sat on 5 megs while you were there but heard nothing.

That was the scene of one of my best days out, we parked lower down by Sean Spittal Bridge, toiled up Carn an Tuirc and picked up five Munros including Glas Maol on a day when the Cairngorms were white. I slept well that night!

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Ha! I forgot this pic…

Lochnagar GM/ES-008 in the far distance, the cairns Cac Carn Beag (on the left) and Cac Carn Mor. In front are Munros Carn an Tuirc and Cairn of Claise.

My route from the ski centre car park. Simple stuff.

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Many thanks for the great report Andy. I was thinking that these GM/ES summits were a tad too far for a day trip from the /A QTH in Northumberland. Then I looked again and lo and behold, 186 miles and 4 hours. Not incomparable to activating summits in deepest West Wales from the home QTH. They are now on my radar for 2021, maybe with an overnight stop if the current situation has eased by then.

It looks like you have been keeping fit during lockdown. After being out of action for five and a half months I thought that the mental side of getting out on the hills would be the hardest part, but once on the road everything slotted into place. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to get up north. :grinning:

73, Gerald

I also looked at Google Maps for the time from Durham - 4hr 36 which is probably take a tent! ( I am a bit spoilt as there are lots of summits less than 2hrs drive )

Much the same as my distance and time to the northern Lakes. I’d swap!

Well you know me Brian… out to the western edge of the Lleyn Peninsula to bag Mynydd Anelog GW/NW-077 for the first NA/EU S2S event and back the same day, plus quite a few other long distance single day outings under my belt over the years. It’s not quite “distance is no object”, as the cost of these single day outings has to be considered. There has to be some “added value”. Ben Cleuch last Wednesday was a mere 270 mile round trip and my gas guzzler drank around £35 worth of gas. I doubt I would have done it for Ben Cleuch alone, but bagging a second summit (King’s Seat Hill, my 100th HEMA summit) made it more viable and definitely more enjoyable than a straight up and down. :grinning:

Sounds familiar!