GI4ONL - First All GI Complete

Congratulations Victor on being the first operator to achieve all GI completes (that is activating and chasing every summit in GI).


Congratulations Victor. I don’t think we had a QSO during my recent GI/EI trip but you were a good signal from over Lough Foyle when I heard you chasing other SOTAs on 20m SSB. Also overheard you working Jimmy EI/M0HGY/P on 2m FM a few times.

I guess GI is in contrast to G - in so much that it’s harder to chase all the summits than to activate them all! Wonder what the last one you needed was?

The Inishowen Peninsula was amazing. I’m extremely jealous that you have that in range. Thoroughly enjoyed my activating there and hope to return sometime for more.


Fantastic achievement Victor @GI4ONL to achieve a full GI complete!

73, Robert

And this topic prompted me to check in on my own progress towards All G Completes.

Well I’ve activated them all - but still have 23 of the 174 summits to chase. Which rather contradicts my suggestion above that it’s easier to chase All G than activate All G!


The last one that had eluded me for almost 10 years was GI/MM-015 Slievenalargy, despite having been activated 12 times (6 dates) in that period I was always working or away from home at the appropriate time. Thanks to Ben GI4BML (GW4BML) I finally logged it on Sunday and got the complete.

In the last couple of years we have had a bit of an uptake of SOTA activity in GI from both activators and chasers, let’s hope it continues.

73 Victor GI4ONL


Congratulations Victor very well done.

this is a great achievement…

and what comes next? :wink:

73 Armin

Congratulations Victor.

It’s a great feeling to complete your home Association especially if you are the first to do so :grin:. Looking forward to meeting up with you once again at the Norbreck rally :+1:.

73 Allan


Well, I’m not done yet Armin, watch this space :smiley:

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well done. Congrats.




Hi Victor @GI4ONL ,

WOW :exclamation:

Chapeau bas :champagne:

73, Jarek

Congratulations Victor on being the first to achieve completes of all GI SOTA summits. It was good to work you recently on 2m FM while activating some SOTA summits in EI/IN.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Extremely well done Victor. Completing an Association by activating is one thing. Managing to work summits when others are on them is another thing entirely… there are so many variables in play.

Congrats Victor!

73, Peter

Congratulations Victor. And thank you for the chases!

Congratulations Victor!

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Well done Victor!
Many congratulations on at last chasing them all. I doubt I shall ever manage it - but I have completed GI/MM-015 Slievenalargy :slightly_smiling_face: Still lots to chase, including seven less popular Sperins and three SWs - even less popular.

Having activated all the GI SOTA summits (finishing in May 2019 with GI/SW-003, Tullybragh - chased in 2016) we have little incentive to return for SOTA but maybe we will return for the scenery and the antiquities.



Congratulations Victor @GI4ONL :+1: :beers: It’s an interesting milestone you’ve reached.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Congratulations @GI4ONL Victor - that is one fair achievement! I could sense the excitement in your finger tips when completing the QSO on 7-CW :grinning: it was a pleasure being that activator that gave you the last complete - also a good feeling for me :+1:

We certainly look forward to coming back and hopefully managing to activate all GI over time.

Many thanks for your support!

73, Ben