Gerhard, DL4TO, is DM's newest Mountain Goat

Dear all,

today another goat arrived in the DM herd :grinning:
Gerhard, DL4TO, crossed the 1000 points during the Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO party while activating DM/HE-003.

Many of us know him as the RM of DM/BW and DM/HE and even though it might be coincidence, it is not completely unexpected that Gerhard reached this important milestone by activating almost exclusively summits in “his” regions.

Congrats on achieving Mountain Goat, Gerhard! Thanks a lot for your dedication to SOTA and your great job as RM. Enjoy the variety of our beautiful summits and may there be many good days and happy moments with our wonderful hobby.

73, Roman


Hello Gerhard @DL4TO.

Congratulations from me too on reaching your mountain goat :beers: :goat: :person_climbing: :+1: :partying_face: I am very happy for you. Especially because you saved this special activation for this special activity today :+1:

I wish you further much fun with the hobby and see you soon again in a QSO :wave:

Many greetings.

Marcel DM3FAM

Hallo Gerhard

TOLL !!!

Bis bald mal wieder beim S2S


Hallo Gerhard @DL4TO,

herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Bergziege.
Ich habe heute auch in Deiner Region DM/HE gewildert, leider hat es zum S2S dann doch nicht geklappt.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Congratulations Gerhard on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Gerhard! Great achievement.

Hallo Gerhard,

auch von mir die besten Glückwünsche!!!

73, Ludwig

Congratulations Gerhard! Hope to have more QSOs with you!
John, K6YK

Congratulations for a great achievement!
See you on the band…


Congrats, Gerhard!
73 de Rumen / LZ2AF

Hallo Gerhard,
herzliche Gratulation zum Erreichen der Bergziege. Vielen Dank fürs QSO gestern. Für dich weiterhin viele erfolgreiche Aktivierungen und auf baldiges Wiederhören und -sehen. An dieser Stelle, dank auch fürs managen!
Beste 73‘Paul DL6FBK

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Gerhard!
73 Jens HB9EKO

Määhähähähä! :goat: :+1:

Hello Gerhard, @DL4TO
congratulation to your Mountain Goat and passing the 1000 points! :grinning: It has always been a pleasure to have you as a QSO partner, but also as an advisor during the evaluation and optimization of equipment.
I am looking forward to our next S2S QSO, all the best! Vy 73 de Peter, DO4TE


73, Ken, K6HPX

Many congratulations Gerhard. Onwards and upwards to the next 1000. :grinning:

73, Gerald

Auch von mir einen herzlichen Glückwunsch Gerhard. Ich hoffe bald wieder einen von “Deinen” Bergen aktivieren zu können!
73 Lutz

Congratulations @DL4TO on Achieving MG !

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse


Thank you for your patience in contacting me S2S on your Mountain Goat Peak!
I was able to contact both you and DL3TU, Roman, who started this set of messages.

Since I am in Colorado, we had a short window of time in which to make S2S contacts. While you were near the end of your day, we marched up our summit W0C/SR-052, Thorodin Mountain, before dawn. We wore headlamps and saw the stars - then halfway up the trail to the summit, the sun rose, and the forest was illuminated in brilliant, stunning glory!

The temperature was near freezing at 3213 meters, and there was a cold wind at first. A little snow was dusted on the granite rocks. For the first hour I heard no DX, but at 1523 G8CXK/P, Gerald, (G4OIG) made my first trans-Atlantic S2S contact on 17M CW.

A few minutes later I logged DL4TO/P, and two minutes later, DL3TU/P - both on 17M CW. I also heard DL4FO/P but was not able to contact him.

Gerhard, you certainly have earned Mountain Goat! You are a highly skilled operator with excellent ears!

I was using my KX2 at 10W out, and my antenna was a 20M end-fed wire, inverted-L, up about 6M, fed with my homebrew tuner. This antenna is not resonant on 17M, and I used no counterpoise. The wire was located on the east end of the high summit ridge, running NW-SE, above a slope leading down in your direction. I have never made an S2S contact with DM before! The path to Colorado is more difficult than to the USA East Coast.

Thank you both for your efforts and keen skills! It was my birthday, and you gave me great joy!




Belated happy birthday, George. I would have loved making S2S with you in such special day. I heard you CQing on 15m at about the end of my day with the Sun just on the Horizon. Despite my repeated calls, my 5W into a non resonant antenna were not enough. My hands and feet were getting too cold by that time, so I finally gave up. Shame…
I tried to chase you yesterday on 20m from my base station but your signals were not getting through. It looks like the effects of a new geomagnetic storm are reaching us.
Looking forward to chasing you again soon.



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