The countdown to Friday evening , GBSota Net . Access through all the modes on the logo. Come along and check in 19:30z this Friday 27th.
If you are just thinking about doing sota activities or a seasoned pro. It will be great to hear you.
Chat about everything sota…


Great idea - is the plan to make it a regular net?


Yes we were hoping for a monthly net .
We thought weekly might be overload
But if there is enough interest anything is possible .
Or maybe a rag chew on the second Friday .
We are open to suggestions. The first net might cover this subject too, and try to get a picture of what might work.


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Just checking - don’t think I can get this via Wires-X (I have the NOV for MB6SY here in Shrewsbury) but can use my OpenSpot 4 with my DMR radio or CrossMode with the Fusion radios.


Hi Steve
There it’s not available on wires-x at the moment
You can access with your openspot .

I have no experience with openspot but this will hopfully mean something to you.


There “was” an issue with openspot but a recent
Openspot update fixed that .
Hope to hear you on the net .
It would be nice to have some experienced operators call into the net.


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I am hoping to be camped on top of Robinson g/ld-021 on Friday night. Will have a new to me ft5d with me, but i’ve never used it for this sort of thing.

Are any of the available modes likely to be accessible via a repeater/access node that will be in range of me?

I’m totally new to digital and struggling to work out what i would do to access this

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Unfortuntly I don’t think you can just via a FT-5 as that uses WiresX if an accesable repeater is internet linked. If you were within range of a DMR repeater and had a radio like the Anytone 878 then yes you would be able to access one of the DMR TalkGroups (Sorry not that helpful in your case) With a HotSpot like the Openspot3 or Openspot4 (other types are available but my personal experience is with OpenSpots) they have the ability to CrossMode so you can Rx/Tx from Yaesu’s C4FM on a FT5 to DMR and Dstar, but you need an local internet connection (can be the hotspot function on a mobile phone). Hope that helps, Kind regards.

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The other option is if you have a smartphone then the Peanut App would give you access to the YSF-Sota room/reflector.

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As already mentioned by G6UYG . The peanut app. Is a good way to go , If you don’t have the app you can download it and register , it takes an few hrs to get the registration through. Or if you have a hotspot/jumbospot/openspot you could tether it to your phone and use your ft5 to access the ysf GB-SOTA 07682 talk group.


Just to mention.
The Brandmeister Talk Group is not active anymore .
it was listed on the original Logo

Which BM TG is now not active ? 07682 or 973 ?


Steve G6UYG

hi Steve
it was Brandmeister TG 2350350 which we originally
intended using, but the way we were linked was not acceptable
to them so we had to pull out of Brandmeister.
all the talk groups on the logo are operational .


Really looking forward to this net and “meeting” other SOTA enthusiasts.

Hopefully it will be a great place to chat and exchange info.

Catch you all on the net tomorrow

Feel free to check out




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I can confirm that YSF GB-SOTA 07682 is now connecting successfully via Openspot.

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Thanks. Will give it a go.

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Never heard anyone :persevere:

There was six of us turned up and had a great net .
There were quite a lot logged in to the different modes
but not heard .
Hi Allen 2E0AGB you are still logged in to ysf , i am wondering why you could not hear
anything ? there were others using YSF no problem.
If you are still about give me a shout on the GB-SOTA talkgroup I am monitoring.

Thanks Colin for hanging about, it’s now 23:23 and I still can’t hear anything ,though I expect everyone has gone now. I used my hotspot with my anytone radio , can’t understand why I couldn’t hear anyone.
I also opened Peanut but only Bruce was there and still is but he wouldn’t answer my call.
Maybe I’ll get it sorted for the next one…Hope so anyways.
Best 73

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Hi Alan (2E0AGB)
Not much help to you now but just to let you know I joined the net using Peanut on my laptop so that method should work OK for you.
I did have a slight issue with RX regularly dropping for about a second every 30 seconds or so meaning I missed odd words in other people’s overs but not too inconvenient. Not sure if it is just my laptop getting old and I had too many other things running or if it is a ‘feature’ of Peanut since I hadn’t used it too much previously. However it didn’t stop me participating in the net.
Some people on the net said they would drop into the room around the same time on non-net Friday evenings for an informal chat. If I am around and remember I will do so if you want to try access before next month’s net.

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Cheers Chris :+1: