Gaulfest - Friday 30th December 2022 CANCELLED

Jimmy @M0HGY and I are looking at organising Gaulfest for the Christmas Bank Holiday Tuesday 27th December 2022. Edit: Was rearranged for Friday 30th December 2022 due to lack of take-up and poor wx forecast for 27th - but now cancelled completely due to still lack of interest and still poor wx!

For anyone unaware, “Gaulfest” is a seasonal SOTA tradition where activators head to the summits in the Shropshire Hills, Berwyns etc, west of Birmingham and into Mid Wales. There are many summits in the G/WB, GW/NW and GW/MW regions to choose from.

The event concludes with a convivial meeting of the day’s participating activators at Mr Bun the Bakers in Church Stretton for coffee/hot chocolate/cakes etc.

Who would like to join in? Posting alerts is encouraged for participants.


Hi Tom,

could you please explain the word “Gaulfest”.

73, Ludwig

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Is it a classic mistake Ludwig. The last bit “fest” is short for festival. The rock group Wisbone Ash used to have a weekend music event featuring concerts and chances to meet the band etc. The weekend was known as Ashfest and has run for many years. There many other such “xxxfest” events.

Gaulfest originally was held in the Welsh Borders so hills in UK regions G/WB, GW/NW and GW/MW were the intended targets back nearly 20 years ago. In a light-hearted manner the name was meant to be derived from the ancient name for Wales: “Pays de Galles”. But in error, instead of it being Gallesfest it was written as Gaulfest. That name has been used for many such mass activations.

Originally there would have been mainly 2m SSB/FM operation as SOTA was UK and EI only then. Now you can take part no matter where in the world you are located as many of the stations in the original regions will be QRV on HF as well.


On air, yes. But we do try to keep Gaulfest faithful to its 2003 roots by gathering activators within the Shropshire/Mid Wales region, operating on 2m for lots of S2S between us, and meeting up in person afterwards for a social and refreshments at Mr Bun in Church Stretton.

That said, with the global aspect of SOTA that barely existed in 2003, perhaps associations could set up their own local “Gaulfest” on 27 December, with an arranged meet up for activators in the afternoon?

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Thanks Ludwig for asking and thanks Andy for the explanation.
In German Gaul would be “horse” (but with a negative vibe - so not a good horse)
(and fest would be also festival)
But now we know. Happy activating :smiley:

73 Joe


I’d like to join in again, but 27th is booked for a family gathering. I’ll try to call in on the air at least…
73, Adrian

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Sorry Tom, but unable to join you on that particular date as like Adrian @G4AZS we will have family home for the Christmas break. I will try and sneak to a rig and get some of you in my log👍

73 Allan

Tom - small world - I’ll be in Macclesfield then ! However, may get a chance to go out to Shining Tor, Gun or The Cloud !


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I’m a maybe, don’t have any plans yet (SOTA or otherwise)

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As is the case with our family… every year, hence why I don’t get to go on these events! It’s the season for my XYL to go into overdrive with vegetarian, celiac and “meat and veg” only diets to cater for and the fridges (plural) will have 5 kinds of milk in them. Oh… and there’s a grandchild due on 27th just to cap it off. :grinning:


As with others, I shall be meeting up with family north of the English border rather than west, so won’t be able to partake in the social portion of the event. However, weather dependent, I will attempt to activate a Scottish summit during the day and hope to gain some S2Ss on SSB.

Jordan M3TMX

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So far we’ve had a couple of “hopefully”/“possibly”, but no other alerts yet other than myself and @M0HGY

Hoping to see some more alerts being posted, and anyone who can make it to Church Stretton, we aim to be in Mr Bun The Baker at 3pm.

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I won’t be able to get down to Church Stretton unfortunately, but if I’m able to, I’ll head up a local summit for some S2S.

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Well no-one else it seems can do Gaulfest on that day, plus now the wx forecast for that area has taken a turn decidedly for the worse. Looks like it’s off. Furthermore, I discovered that Mr Bun the Bakers, Church Stretton is closed on the 27th. OK, it’s defnitely off!!

Provisionally, we’ll reset the date for it as 30th December 2022. Fingers crossed, that will allow a few more people to participate, and attract a kinder version of the weather. (And the bakery is confirmed as open until 5.30pm that day).

Now to edit the alerts…

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Any of those that couldn’t do the 27th available for the 30th? Wx forecast seems to be moving slowly in the right direction, but a final decision will be made tomorrow evening.

I’m still a maybe and I’ll decide tomorrow evening as well depending on what the forecast is saying.
Unlikely to be coming down to Church Stretton though.

I’m out, sorry, family activities continue! We haven’t met up for Christmas since before lockdowns, so making the most of it this year…

Well the weather forecasts are definitely moving in te right direction - but the flow of activators to Church Stretton isn’t.

Looks like it’s off.

But if just one person wants to take part or join us for a joint activation anywhere (not necessarily our alerted summits/region) then we’re probably still up for it.

Yeah, just had a play with the rainfall radar, and everywhere within a couple of hours drive from Macc looks rather damp until early afternoon. I guess this one is not to be.

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Same with me, think I’ll finish off some jobs at home and maybe repair some antennas.

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