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G/WB-018 & 023

Sorry if you were listening for me this morning on 5MHz from View Edge, G/WB-018. I erected the 60m dipole but my Yaesu 817 wouldn’t change mode or band so I was left with no choice but to activate on 2m FM (I had 3x 2m FM handies and my trusty dipole (with plug refitted after issues on Heath Mynd, G/WB-007). Fortunately, there was no shortage of activators who had taken the sensible decision to stay in the warm shack rather than venture into the driving rain! I soon made 8 QSO’s.
I have just plugged my 817 into the mains power supply at home and it’s fine. Normally, I use my 857 in the field but I have broken the frequency select knob so it needs to go to “the radio hospital” in Staines, London!
To digress - I have broken the frequency select knob by stessing it by carrying the rig in a rucksack up and down summits with the front panel attached to the rig. In future, I will detach the front panel and wrap it separately for transport, ensuring that no stress can be put on the knobs.
I have been using an “Ever Ready” 7Ah, 12V power pack to power my Yaesu 857 on summits. The output voltage is a bit less than 12V but I have had many QSO’s on HF SSB on the 857 rig and the power pack has easily lasted 3 summits, even with 20W of power for some QSO’s. I don’t know why it was not working with the 817 - maybe it is the power pack itself which is on the way out. Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions most welcome.
My final summit of the day was Hegdon Hill, G/WB-023. The rain had eased a bit by then and I made 5 contacts fairly quickly on 2m FM, without needing to hide underneath the storm shelter. The next belt of heavy rain came in just as I was leaving.
Below is my activation position on G/WB-023, on the bridleway to the east of the road. Good fence for mast support and securing HF wire dipoles. The local residents showed great interest until they realised that I hadn’t got any food for them!
73’s, Alastair Hopkins, M0TYM


Had you pressed the “Lock” button?

Agree with Barry - lock seems to be on. Hope it is as simple as that to fix…

A possible alternative if this happens on a summit - if you have stored frequencies in memories, that would make band and mode changes automatic as you travel through the memories with the jog dial. I have my favourite (most used) frequencies and modes stored for each band, allowing instant conditions checking just by turning that one knob in MR (memory recall) mode. I think most of my contacts on the 817 occur in Memory tune mode.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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I’ve experienced this. It isn’t the lock button.

The traditional Microsoft technique usually works.

“The traditional Microsoft technique usually works”

Hi Tom, what is this technique?

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Switching off, waiting a few seconds and switching back on?

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