G/SP-004 Shining Tor Gets 1000 Activations.

Looking at my logs yesterday I noticed that I have activated Shining Tor (G/SP-004) 60 times. Even more importantly and purely by chance, I realised that yesterday (7th May) the summit got it’s 1000th activation, making it the 5th most activated summit. We are not actually pushing Tom’s record on the Cloud G/SP-015, but it is still a red letter day!

Living in the East Midlands, there are not a lot of summits to be activated, Shining Tor is my closest. In addition with the price of fuel at the moment, it is economic and a handy one to get to.

I do have to put up with quite a few jokes about living on the mountain. My own personal goal this year, is to get as many S2Ss as I can, so I don’t need to travel as much.

Testing a new radio a few days ago I got a couple of VK stations, so I decided to try an early morning activation, to try and get some VK S2Ss…. I arrived at 3:00 am. Whilst I got 60 QSOs only one was a S2S and that was from Spain! Things went a bit better yesterday with 27 S2Ss. It took a while though!

Another memorable activation was the Cross Atlantic S2S challenge last November. Dave M0JKS and I, sat in a tent for 6 hours in the pouring rain. It was what my wife, (a very competitive cyclist) calls type 2 fun (much better after the event, than during. It gets better as the memories fade)!

Here are a couple of pictures from the Summit. I look forward to working you soon!
Martin M7BIA

My First ever activation and Summit to Summit, With Tom on The Cloud.

Come Rain and Shine

S2S fun with Dave M0JKS

Sometimes it is sunny!


Thanks Martin for a great activation report and photos. Well done. :+1:
cheers, Geoff vk3sq


Wow, great Report Martin and as this is my XYL Elaine’s favourite summit for walking up I had to put my 10 Penneth worth in.
Cracker take off for VHF/UHF, we have been up there in sunshine and snow, so excellent on your Activity up there and Happy 1000th Activity birthday to SP-004

Regards Tony


If my memory serves me right, Shining tor used to be the 3rd most activated summit.
Well done on braving the wx up there.

Sean M0GIA

Well done Martin !!! Thanks as always for your reliable contacts
Take care mate and best 73

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Hi Martin,

Congratulations :exclamation:

I am very happy to take a part in this significant event.
Thank you for S2S QSO with SP/BZ-081.

It was rainy day there yesterday, photo of my station is below:

73, Jarek


It was great to work you Jarek!

Thanks for the S2S!

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Used to be - indeed - down to 5th now, despite Martin’s valiant efforts.


Great report, images and information @2E0BIA Martin. I do believe we had a 40m S2S yesterday, so it was great to make your log on Shining Tor’s 1000th activation.

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Wow! How things move on.

The top entries in that table have been largely activated by just one person, so which are the most popular summits by number of unique activators?

Interesting Richard… I’ll have a butchers and find the most activated summits with the greatest number of unique activators.

Hmm, that wasn’t hard… but it was written in a hurry whilst I was running a big regression.

This is an attempt to find the top 100 summits with the greatest number of different activators. Some summits like The Cloud have huge activation counts but have only been activated by a small number of different activators.

The result surprises me.

SummitRef Name ActivationCount
GW/NW-051 Foel Fenlli 579
G/WB-004 Titterstone Clee Hill 564
GW/NW-042 Moel y Gamelin 477
GW/NW-001 Snowdon - Yr Wyddfa 411
GW/NW-070 Great Orme - Y Gogarth 404
GW/MW-013 Corndon Hill 377
G/SP-017 Billinge Hill 368
G/TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold 296
GW/SW-005 Fan Fawr 252
G/LD-017 Red Screes 239
GW/NW-054 Penycloddiau 237
G/LD-058 Arnside Knott 226
GW/NW-076 Mynydd y Cwm 226
GW/SW-002 Waun Fach 221
GW/NW-022 Moel Eilio 198
GW/SW-006 Fan Gyhirych 195
GW/NW-010 Moel Siabod 190
G/TW-005 Normanby Top 185
G/NP-032 Cracoe Fell 175
G/NP-031 Birks Fell 168
G/WB-006 Caer Caradoc Hill 168
G/TW-001 Urra Moor - Round Hill 168
GW/MW-026 Long Mountain-Beacon Ring 147
G/LD-021 Robinson 138
GW/NW-008 Y Lliwedd 129
GD/GD-005 Mull Hill 123
GW/SW-033 Wentwood 111
GW/NW-075 Yr Eifl 106
G/LD-055 Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag 103
G/LD-023 Knott 80
PA/PA-006 Signaal Imbosch 66
GW/NW-058 Carn Fadryn 64
GW/SW-036 Mynydd Sylen 63
PA/PA-005 Galgenberg (Terlet) 61
EI/IE-018 Two Rock Mountain 57
GW/MW-033 Mynydd Carningli 56
DM/BM-368 Schwarzriegel 53
GM/SS-216 Dumyat 46
G/LD-059 Muncaster Fell 45
DM/NS-113 Bruchberg 45
GW/NW-077 Mynydd Anelog 41
GM/SS-006 Beinn Ime 34
EI/IE-022 Great Sugar Loaf 33
OE/OO-133 Pöstlingberg 31
DM/SX-239 Schwarzenberg 29
DM/SX-223 Kälberstein 27
GM/SS-286 Lamberton Hill 26
DM/SX-074 Heinrichseck 26
GM/SS-222 Duncolm 26
GM/SS-263 Linton Hill 26
SV/ST-078 Profitis Ilias 24
DM/SX-201 Steinkuppe 23
CT3/MI-008 Pico Chao dos Terreiros 21
SV/ST-118 Mugultos 17
ON/ON-008 Kemmelberg 16
EI/IE-035 Trooperstown Hill 16
GW/NW-078 Rhinog Fach 16
GJ/JE-001 Les Platons (Jersey) 14
GM/WS-344 Cruim Leacainn 14
GM/SI-153 S Airde Beinn 12
DM/SX-091 Boselspitze 12
GM/WS-280 Doire Ban 11
GM/SS-279 Carn Breugach 8
DM/SA-052 Haltberg 8
DM/TH-565 Zimmritzer Höhe 8
DM/BM-040 Mühlriegel 7
DM/HE-018 Meißner 7
ZS/WC-058 Lion’s Head 7
DM/NW-050 Steling 5
ZS/WC-931 Bottelaryberg 5
DM/NS-089 Kästeklippe 4
DM/SX-238 Gamrig 4
I/VE-246 Monte Zucco 3
GM/CS-124 Meall Chomraidh 3
DM/HE-386 Frau Holle 2
DL/AL-184 Oberschwarzenberg 2
DL/BG-007 Edelweisslahner 1
DL/AL-269 Auf´m Berg 1
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I don’t understand that table. How can DL/AL-269 be in that list with only 1 activation?

GW/MW-026 Long Mountain-Beacon Ring 147
Nice :wink: I am one of them :smiley:

73, Jarek

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A good question. So if we assume I have got the SQL correct what that is saying is that there are only 98 summits which have been activated by more than 2 distinct activators. I find that surprising and I wonder if the SQL is right but some sampling shows it may be correct.

That table first searches all the summits grouping them by userID. (UserID isolates people like me who use 2 calls to only be counted once). I limited it to the top 100 so it will be a list of summits

I checked GM/SS-279 and it has been activated by 8 different people who activated it once each. A total activation count of 8.

But I’ll be “home” soon so I’ll have a proper look when I haven’t got a zillion people calling me on Teams :frowning:

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There’s only two G/NP summits in that list and most (if not all) have had far more than 3 activators.

Yes, I’m grouping on the wrong field. There’ll be a fix along sometime…

Curious to know how many non UK activators like myself have activated G/SP-004 and how many VK’s have activated this popular summit?

Andrew VK1AD


Obviously because all the other (unlisted) summits in the world have been visited by zero activators. This includes The Cloud G/SP-015 which doesn’t make the list. The world’s most activated summit, but hasn’t had a single unique activator set foot up there…

Taxi for FMF…

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