G/SE-008 St Boniface Down, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight has two SOTA summits, SE-008 St Boniface Down and SE-012 Brighstone Down. I managed to activate both on Tuesday, 01 Sept 2020.
SE-008 St Boniface Down is a very easy activation as there is a road leading to a car park right at the top of the hill. Parking is at lat/long 50.3604°, -1.2026° and my activation was from the open area in front of the car park, near a couple of WWII pillboxes (guard buildings).
Operating on 40m CW, I accumulated 8 QSOs with stations around Europe.

My equipment used was an Elecraft KX1, 3Watts TX power into a Sotabeams 40/30/20m linked dipole on a Tactical Mini 6 metre telescopic mast.

I met two other hams at this summit. One was setting up ready for a 2metre VHF contest later in the evening.

73 & 72 de G0KPE


Nice! Looks like you were really lucky with the weather too!

I do know Isle of Wight a little. What I miss often in those activation descriptions is if the site can be reached with reasonable effort with public transport and if yes how.

With regard to the weather conditions: Isle of Wight has a nice climate especially the south can be described as very mild,if I am not mistaken there is some kind of tropical botanic garden in the south.
Also interesting IoW has 2 lighthouses: the Needles (that would be difficult, and one at the south coast)
Unfortunately the area of the Tennyson Monument is no sota point.

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Hi Patrick.
I don’t know which Isle of Wight bus services would get you closest to the two summits on the island. I guess finding that out would be part of your pre-visit preparations.
Thank you for your message.
Best wishes,
Carl G0KPE

The actual summit of this hill is right at the end of the road, some distance past the trig point. There is another parking area there and it is a nicer spot with good views. The trig point is easily within the activation zone though.

Cheers Tom.
I have been finding your activation reports very useful You are indeed a very active SOTA’er. I’m just starting out but can safely say the bug is biting :grinning:.
St Boniface Down is an excellent radio site especially for VHF/UHF contests.
Best wishes.
G0KPE Carl

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Well for any one willing to go there by public transport on the IoW, here is the info:
Southern Vectis bus company, use line number 3 from Newport to Ryde via Ventnor and get off the bus near Ventnor, bus stop: Old Station. from there a walk.
I have visited IoW about a dozen times, always using public transport to get around.