Activation report - Ros Castle G/SB-009

Quick holiday activation of Ros Castle which is a beautiful little hill with some stunning views.
Following the demise of the old Land Rover - the final straw was the next MOT and the latest leak - this time from the top of the fuel tank I decide that I had a choice - either spending my time under a car receiving a skin treatment of engine oil and diesel or alternative accept that I should be using a more modern vehicle. So today if was the Mrs H Pick up - and that was definitely the right choice as the road between North Charlton and the parking for the hill was to put in a word - Rubbish.
The Hill looks really close to the road, but it is slightly further than it looks but still less than 1km and less than 150m of climbing. It is close to the A1 so would be a really good break on a longer journey, although in a sports car with a low suspension it might turn out to be a bigger break than planned. I read Paul’s report and can confirm that it is midge free in October. Tried the new mast today so there was some additional faffing around getting the antenna on the mast. I was using he trusty but long linked 80/60/40 dipole and a new Sotabeams travel mast.
80m was relatively quiet but the orientation of the dipole was N/S in line with the wall which isn’t brilliant for 80m during the day. Still managed to qualify with Woody the normally quiet hound getting a 59 bark report…had a quick look on 40 but with the contest on decided to give it a miss, and managed a quick CQ on 60 as the antenna fell down - which as I had no takers seemed to be an appropriate response. Much to my daughter’s dismay as I had qualified I finished the activation on 2m, but initially assumed that the rig was broken as there was not a signal at all across the whole band. ( Ft 270 and RH-770) but had a QSO with GM4PKJ in Montrose which was a pleasant surprise.

Forgotten Item - A face mask so had to give calling at the shop on the way back to the holiday cottage a miss.
Bonus mystery item - Actually the rubbish that I took off the summit, my daughter thought it was ours, but it was part of a broken tent pole.

Bonus IOS surprise - I use OUTD log on the iPhone as a log. It is fairly good but using he on-screen keyboard to get a 2E0 call is a bit of a faff swooping to numbers twice , so apologies if it takes longer! Anyway the surprise was managing to upload the log onto the database without having to resort to a proper computer, although finding where the os had hidden the file was a faff.

The final challenge will be uploading the photos which I know from experience will cause some of you to either rotate the monitor or your head - this is an apple feature… Do not adjust your set

  1. Paul - And thanks again to the chasers.

Hoping to also do G/SB-006 ang G/SB-010 later this week…


It’s an absolute gem of a wee hill. I don’t recall the road being terrible and I did it in a A5 SE Special Quattro with 19in wheels and lowered sports suspension. But… I came in from the A697 and B6346 (Old Bewick, Hepburn Farm.) I continued out to Edinburgh and home via Chatton picking up the A697 in Wooler. I was more concerned parking on the grass and I ended parking with the car pointing down hill in case there was a traction problem on grass with silly tyres. Quattro (40/60 split) made it effortless to pull away but I was gentle with the loud pedal.

I agree - a lovely little hill (and always been quiet whenever I’ve been on it, allowing me to base myself in the lookout tower!).

Nice photos. Woody looks as though he’s about to burst into life and your daughter looks as though you forgot to top up her minutes :wink:

Best wishes,

Must check the photos uploaded WITH glasses on, but yes she has ran out of data again… edit complete!

Lots of new wind turbines- which may explain the state of the road

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You should always limit kids data as it is a great way of teaching them how to budget. You get XX GB to last 30 days, make it last. So they understand that when they get paid ÂŁXX.XX/month, they have to make it last till the next payday.

Of course they can earn extra data in exchange for household task completion. :wink:

Charming little hill with some great views of the Northumberland coastline and the iron age fort is clearly unique.

However, i’ll forever remember it as the first place I encountered midges…lots of them.

After returning home bought some of the Avon secret sauce to combat them going forward.


Must have been a cracking set up Paul as you were stronger down here than some of the locals.

Best 73

Thanks for all the replies- the other cracking 1 point summit that I found was Dufton Pike G/NP- 027 well worth a walk!

I agree with the comments made. This is a wee gem of a hill… worth the walk without a radio, which I have done several times. Thanks for the heads up on the state of the road I will bear that in mind for my next visit.

The only summit on which I suffered vertigo while operating… and that includes having sat on the edge of Y Lliwedd GW/NW-008 and Trum y Ddysgl GW/NW-024. :grin:

I had a difficult moment descending a large step on the south ridge of Tryfan. I was perhaps fortunate to do both Trum y Ddysgol and Y Lliwedd in zero visibility given my poor head for heights. No problems experienced on either.

As regards “vertigo”, I now realise that’s on a completely different level. I got diagnosed with labyrinthitis last week, with vertigo being a symptom. It’s absolutely horrible. Probably Covid related - just waiting for a test result atm.

So if anyone was wondering why M1EYP has not been spotted for over a week… :frowning:

Mind how you go Tom.I was following a mate from our walking group in Dalby Forest on foot about 7 years ago and he just went plop… and fell over onto his side. He wasn’t unconcious. Doctor diagnosed it as labarynthitis like you - it cleared up after a few weeks and he was back out walking with us again. Hope it isn’t Covid, and you get the result sooner than what has been reported of late.

73 Phil

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Or very much sooner. The “World Beating” Covid-19 app advised me I’d tested positive a couple of days ago - some 48 hours before I’d taken the test and sent it off. Impressive.

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Best wishes Tom…


Don’t know about the English app - but was it actually advising you that you had been in close contact with somebody else who had tested positive?

No. It was actually telling me that I’d taken a test, and the result was positive!

Exactly the same as it has just done this morning - except that this time, I have taken a test, and unsurprisingly, I do indeed have Covid. That’s all four of us (including @M0HGY) tested positive at this QTH.

I did wonder Tom. Thought maybe you were on full lockdown. Hope you and family are gonna be ok, I don’t hold with the tests but each to their own. Anyways take care. Best 73

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We’ve all had all the classic symptoms Allen. No test can be 100% accurate but in this case, we can be confident in the results.

Oh dear I hope you don’t suffer like I have mate

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Now THAT must be state-of-the-art!

I hope you all have just the mild form with no complications or “long COVID”. Keep us posted and we’ll all have our fingers crossed for you.

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Very best wishes to you all, Tom.

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