G/NP activations - G/NP-011, G/NP-012 and G/NP-022

Three summits in less than a week is almost a record for me here! Had a couple of early starts prompted by the need to get the children to work - no not up chimneys - but being paid to walk whilst vigoursly waving a flag (Grouse Beating) which as they have pointed out is much better paid than vigoursly setting up an antenna and has much better company (not dad!)

The first one was Tarn Rigg Hill - G/NP-012 which I did with my youngest daughter from Garsdale Foot following the gutter up the hill.

Saw no other walkers just a couple of farmers and had good weather - but still rather damp underfoot.

Yesterday manged an even earlier start and followed the excellent route up Calf Top (G/NP-022) described by John G4YSS: G/NP-022 Calf Top on 2m-FM, 02-Nov-15 which took me slightly longer. My excuse is my rather enthisiastic Spaniel who tries to pull me up the hill at 20 MPH and needs frequent reminders

, a bit like dealing with the kids, although Woody pays more attention to food!

I’m not entirely sure why he has taken to barking at the summit - it is about the only time he barks so perhaps the missing item was some better dog treats.

Richard G3CWI suggests that it is possible to do two summits from one paking space, so Woody had a bit of a shock when returning to the car for lunch he found that instead of a nap a second walk started up Great Coun (G/NP-011). I’ve uploaded the track but it was rather mixed, the start being along a track and the end being along what appeared from the map to be and aeriel photographs to be a quad bike track but was more like a quad boat track. ( I have found out from my son that some of the local moors use Haglund tracked vehicles so what appears to be a path may well be the remains of the ground after it has been mashed by a tracked vehicle.) I must admit that the final part of the climb was a challenge. I’ll blame the dog trying to dislocate my arm in an attempt to get to the top quickly, but it is probably more due to a combination of too much age and too little fitness

Once again Woody joined in with the QSO’s - and this time even after consuming a treat sachet of cat food which he particularly enjoys stealing from the cats!

Radio wise I used the usual FT817 and MX-P50M amplifier which I normally drive at about 30w driving a linked dipole, and 80m behaved nicely for inter G contacts, by which time the local QRM from Woody brought things to a close. I did do a quick shout on 2m FM with no takers.

Once again thanks to all the chasers who are much appreciated.

Missing item - better dog treats. Additional item - too much water!

I am trying to decide which beverage to take on the final NP summit - but still have several to go so plenty of time to decide!

73 Paul, Woody and Emily (For NP12)


Hi Paul

Thanks very much for the FB report on your latest NP summits. You seem to have had good weather and a very enjoyable time and good luck on your last few!