G/DC-003 Kit Hill, Cornwall

This is such an easy summit to reach, it feels like ‘cheating’ : -)
You can drive right to the summit where there is a car park. There are wonderful 360° views from up here if you are as lucky with the weather as I was. This must be a very popular VHF activation site for local amateurs.

My activation point was just thirty metres from where I parked, on a raised square of ground that has a trig point in one corner.

My equipment set-up was: -

  • 6-metre telescopic pole
  • Sotabeams 40/30/20m linked dipole
  • Elecraft KX1 transceiver

I was quite restricted with time, but spots on Sotawatch paid dividends and gave me the QSOs to officially ‘activate’ Kit Hill, G/DC-003, in the time that I had available. Many thanks to the following: -


I was there on Saturday. Nice little hill with great views.

Thanks for the write up.

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I wonder whether the dragon (ranger) is still in office. When I activated it we passed as I was arriving at the hill. A near miss!

I wouldn’t worry at all about not walking. There are plenty of similar summits in other countries which can be reached in much the same way.

I had no interruptions when setting up and operating at Kit Hill. Probably received some curious glances from other visitors to the hill, but hey-ho, that goes as standard with some SOTA activations :slight_smile: