Fun with DALL-E

As part of the new version of SOTAData I thought I’d play around with AI generated images via DALL-E. I asked it for images of “a ham radio operator on top of a mountain” and this is what it came back with:

Staring heroically into the distance

His squid pole just blew off the mountain…

She has 10 fingers, but not even spread between both hands…

Something’s not quite right about the face.

The first one looked the best, so I decided to ask it to generate variations on that. Most were garbage, but the following I think is a little too close to home for us all :smiley:

Final image is a guess the input prompt:


Recently a friend of mine got access (not DAll-E but Midjourney ) and I asked him to make a mountain goat:

So it made a mountain like a goat

Then some versions of a goat operating radio on mountain. Actually quite artsy. Would hang it on the wall in the shack.

Not bad overall


Its is quite fun to pmay with…ham radio operators on a hill in the style of Lowrey.

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Final image is a guess the input prompt:

Scotch mist.

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Hmm, I thought I’d have a go myself. Trying to register with OpenAI, I balked at the fourth prompt asking for my 'phone no. - they can get lost.

However, needs no sign-up - here’s what they made of “summits on the air”:

Looks like a ten-pointer!

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Portable radio up a mountain in the cubism style.

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I’d like to see an Escher impression of activator, radio, goat and antenna… what would be on top of what?

This AI imaging stuff is totally new to me. Until I got to the 3rd or 4th photo I just thought they were ???weird pictures. A bit creepy. But fun.

Probably not in the activation zone :smiley: