FT8 from Summits

SOTA Operators, PLEASE use an available non-standard frequency for FT8, if you can spot. It is much easier for SOTA chasers to find you if you use a non-standard freq. In other words - DON’T USE 7.074, 14.074, 21.074, 28.074 for mountain top FT8 if you care about SOTA chasers that would like your summit points. For example on 15M, use 21.080 or 21.136 if available. After you get the SOTA chasers, then go back to the usual .074 if you just want contacts… my two cents



Good idea Ron - as an FT8 SOTA chaser and activator on other modes I would support your idea.

73 Phil G4OBK

Friends dont let friends FT8 HIHI

And before guys fo off on me it’s a total joke Ham in whatever way you want to Ham.

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Yes, sounds like a good idea Ron. I also run JTAlert at home and have most of the known to me SOTA Ops that are doing FT8 plugged in. Makes it easy to find the activator as soon as he’s/she’s spotted.

73, Todd KH2TJ

Good idea but also worth trying FT4 on the standard frequencies. It’s much less busy and also a lot quicker. Theoretically, range is less but I haven’t noticed anything significant.

M0WIV, Even better is FT4 on a non-standard freq. If you don’t see anything on the waterfall, then they are not there! Kind of like; why would you choose a ssb freq in the middle of the ssb band during a contest? Most of us don’t. We move to a WARC Band…