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FT8 Activation


10.136MHz 1346Hz I’m TX even


Your spot says 10.132


It did - when I qsy’d!

Now back on 10.136. 1132Hz odd.


Only JA and ZL so far… on 30m


Saturday 4th May 2019 - The Cloud G/SP-015

I somehow woke up at 4.30am BST, so decided to go for an early walk.

I went for my current favourite of 30m vertical with FT8 mode. Plenty of VK received, but none in my logbook on this occasion.

30m FT8: 20 QSOs
30m CW: 7 QSOs
2m FM: 3 QSOs

S2S with Paul MW0PLA/P on Cadair Berwyn GW/NW-012

Later on, I attended the Moss Rose stadium to watch the 1-1 draw between Macclesfield and Cambridge, a result that ensured my home town team remained in the Football League for next season.

Back on the road gigging tomorrow, so should be activating a little further afield - and scoring points!


Hi Tom,

No decodes from you today. I worked a G0 and a couple of other EU stations but nothing from any other G stations. I saw a couple of decodes from stations working you so I knew you had not gone back to bed. Conditions did seem down a bit and there were others close to your nominated frequency. I was too late to catch you on the other frequency which may have been better,

Seems you did OK anyway.