FT8 DXCCs worked from SOTA activations

A while back I started tracking how many DXCCs I’d worked from SOTA activations. I’d neglected this for a while, so I thought I’d tot up to see where I’m up to.

Well I’m still not quite halfway, even now! 49 DXCCs worked on FT8 mode from activations.

On a positive note, #49 came in today’s activation on Gun G/SP-013, and was Mauritania - which was in fact an ATNO for me (DXCC #132 from SOTAs).

It was a nice activation with five of us on summit. The other four were members of the Macclesfield club out for a group activity. I didn’t stay long myself, but still made 43 contacts - 30 on 30m CW, 9 on 30m FT and 4 on 2m FM. Conditions on 30m seemed really nice.


How are you passing on the summit info on FT8? Or are you depending on the a spot to relay the info? I know I can


for the initial CQ, but this doesn’t pass any summit info. Do you do a Free Text after the final 73?

Yes, free text after the 73.


(TNX @F5LKW for the screenshot).


Thanks. No issues with the automation on either end, then. Cool.

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‘I didn’t stay long myself, but still made 43 contacts’

Always amazes me how many contacts activators make in EU/NA. I rarely use more than 1 page in a logbook (9 QSO’s) for a summit, and have never made more than 20 contacts from a summit!! The good news is that it doesn’t takes ages to type them into the database when I get home!

David, VK2NU

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Since free text has a 13 char limit, this is probably going to be the best I can do. My association is 3 characters and summits are 7, including a hyphen. Hopefully chasers will be able to decipher that this


means this