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Friedrichshafen 2019 Accomodation / SOTA Dinner / Group Activation

Thanks Sylvia - added. I’m almost certain you told me you’d be coming before but I can’t find the note - in any case all fine.

Hmm, I’ll only accept call signs as the “Something to do with 5” option if next year your callsigns have 6 in them … :smiley:


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In a PM I received reference was made to a Group activation.

I tried to organise this last year and it didn’t quite go to plan. As I have a lot of other duties this year, does someone want to volunteer to schedule and organise group activations of one or both local summits (DM/BW-348 Gehrenberg which is about half way between Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen and the hotel/restaurant where we will all meet-up for dinner and DM/BW-854 Hoechsten which is about 10 minutes from the hotel/restaurant). perhaps some co-ordination will enable S2S contacts between the two summits?

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Just a reminder - no one has as yet come forward to coordinate the group summit activations. With my other responsibilities this year, I will not be able to.

Is the feeling simply to leave it to individual operators to activate as and when they can over the weekend and not coordinate to a particular time?
I know of at least one operator who is travelling from outside of Germany and would like to link up with someone doing the activations, so that he doesn’t need the airline hassles related to bringing his own gear on the plane. Perhaps we can have those willing to take other Ops with them arrange this at the SOTA midday meet-ups on Friday and Saturday. Alternatively if someone wishes to offer to transport and share your gear with this op, send me a private message and I will put you in touch.

73 Ed.

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OK, as I have had no offers from anyone to organise a joint activation of the two local SOTA summits to Friedrichshafen this year, I am dropping this suggestion.

There should be sufficient people activating the two summits over the period of the HAM RADIO event, that S2S contacts will occur in any case, just remember working another station on the SAME summit doesn’t count as one of the required 4 contacts.

For those in Europe (or further away if conditions are good) not attending the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio event, please call the different stations on the two summits ( DM/BW-348 & DM/BW-854 ) even if you have already worked the summit that day, so that the activator can get his or her minimum 4 contacts - thanks.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
I’d like to join the dinner together with my xyl.
Karl, OE5JKL

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That’s fine Karl, we are now up to 25 expected attendees - it should be great fun.

73 Ed.

A quck update - we’re now up to 35 attendees - the highest number of any FN SOTA Dinner so far!

Here’s the list - please check if you are on it, if you are coming and let me know if your plans have changed and you can’t make it:

  • Joe OE5JFE
  • Michael DB7MM
  • Peter ON4UP , Franz ON9CBQ, Franz DL3RBF
  • Steve G1INK + 1
  • Matt OE6FEG
  • Luc ON7DQ
  • Jaan SM0OEK
  • Laurent F8CZI + XYL
  • Paul M0PLA + XYL
  • Paul W6PNG + 2 (one ham K0BBC + wife)
  • Heinz OE5EEP + 3 other hams
  • Sylvia OE5YYN + Peter OE5AUL (Special dog cuisine to be served to Kimo in the camper van HI)
  • Karl, OE5JKL + XYL
  • Franz OE5FSM + Dieter OE5DZL
  • Martin OE5REO
  • Heinrich IW3AGO + 1
  • Robert, DL5RT
  • Mike DJ5AV
  • Martino IU2IJW + XYL
  • Ed DD5LP

The theme of this fifth SOTA dinner is

Please think about your “Five Favourite SOTA things” (they can be summits or pieces of equipment or favourite chasers/activators or whatever) so you can list them at the dinner.

Not SOTA but this could be the dinners theme song.

Friday 21st July 2019 from 1830 CET.

With 28 possible attendees, this is likely to be the biggest SOTA dinner gathering in Friedrichshafen so far. All being well, as last year, we’ll be outside filling the tabled area overlooking the garden shown above. If the weather turns bad we’ll be “cosy” inside the restaurant!

Here’s some pictures from last year:

Friday 21st. June from 1830 - see you at:
Landgasthof “Zum Goldenen Kreuz”
Burgweiler Straße 2
88271 Wilhelmsdorf/Pfrungen
Tel.: 07503 / 558
E-Mail: info@gasthof-kreuz-pfrungen.de

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Can’t attend unfortunately - family duties / birthday on the same weekend. Désolé!

So looking forward for another one in a later year. Enjoy the dinner.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Just a quick reminder to those attending the SOTA Dinner, Just as a fun action - bring your list of 5 favorite (or non-favorite) SOTA things, equipment, People whatever !!

No prizes, just a bit of fun for the fifth Friedrichshafen SOTA dinner.

Something to do while waiting for the food to arrive!

See Ya all’s at Friedrichshafen! 73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
sorry for the late notice, but could you add me to the dinner list, too?

Many thanks!
73 de Robert, DL5RT

We set off tomorrow for our European tour, activating FL/NO-144 2M FM on Wednesday morning at around 10 ish I hope then off in to Belgium for ON/ON-010 , 011 and 001 later on early evening. Hope to catch a few of you on the air.

Added - number 31 !

Kein probleme!

73 Ed.

Hi guys!
Unfortunately I will arrive to Friedrichshafen in the late night on Friday, so I will miss
the dinner. I just would like to say hello to all of you, and HPE CU at the
Friedrichshafen messe.

73 de IU2IJW

Too bad. Then don’t miss the chance to meet everyone Saturday at 12:00 at the QSL wall for the SOTA gathering.

I will be there!
I’m the fat one that will arrive with an exhausted XYL!

See you there!

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Thanks to all who attended the dinner. There were 33 attendees.

The weather stayed dry and lots of nice conversation followed.

Food was good, company was good, what more could one ask for.

Thanks for Steve G1INK for ‘sponsoring’ the “5 SOTA related things” competition with a prize of 5 custom beers from Scotland. There were four entries all of which well thought out and entertaining. In the end Michael DB7MM with his descriptions of 5 challenging activations won the competition.

73 Ed DD5LP.


Great night Ed, thanks for organising it :grin:

A great event and excellent dinner indeed! Thanks to Ed for organizing it :wink:

73 Heinz (now back home)

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